Index of entries from January 2005
January 31, 2005
Clark County off by hundreds; Gives Up
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:58 PM, 30 Comments
"Clark County will soon quit trying to balance the number of ballots with the number of people credited with voting in the governor's election", the Columbian reports. As of Friday, there were 225 more votes than identified voters a disturbing... [read more]

Snohomish (i)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:57 PM, 23 Comments
More fascinating revelations from Snohomish County Elections which admits to counting hundreds more ballots than voters. Bob Williams of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation has been following up on some of my Public Disclosure Requests with more detailed requests of his... [read more]

Cedar County
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:56 PM, 26 Comments
As Matt Rosenberg noted the other day, a movement is building in rural King County to split off and form a new county. This is gaining momentum. Eastside political giants, including Rep. Toby Nixon and County Councilmember Kathy Lambert, are... [read more]

A whole lotta kids left behind
by Marsha Michaelis, 06:37 PM, 25 Comments
Last fall, Washington’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Terry Bergeson released the names of schools that failed to make “adequate yearly progress” (AYP) in the 2003-04 school year, as required by federal law. The good news: The number of low-performing schools... [read more]

Dumb E-mail
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:38 PM, 87 Comments
Several readers sent me this e-mail to constituents from Rep. Jeannie Darneille(D-27) who represents parts of Fife and Tacoma. I don't say it lightly that her reasons for opposing a revote would have to be the stupidest thing I have... [read more]

Reply To Lehto By Eric Earling
by Jim Miller, 03:54 PM, 7 Comments
(This brief post, which made some skeptical remarks on a study of electronic voting in Snohomish county generated many comments, including some attacking the study, and some in defense of the study by one of the authors, Paul Lehto.  One... [read more]

Public Vote Coming On Indoor Smoking Ban?
by Matt Rosenberg, 02:33 PM, 268 Comments
The Tacoma News Tribune reported yesterday that Dr. Chris Covert-Bowlds of Bellingham expects to get an initiative on the ballot for a statewide indoor public smoking ban in Washington. I-901, Healthy Indoor Air For All Washington, needs 225,014 signatures by... [read more]

Two Admissions
by Jim Miller, 01:14 PM, 23 Comments
Yesterday, the two Seattle newspapers admitted two things I have been arguing for some time.  First, "mainstream" news organizations are not much interested in charges of vote fraud — when the charges are made by Republicans.   Second, those on... [read more]

Nonresident Voting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:37 AM, 17 Comments
The voter database has been updated: 1) Grays Harbor, Jefferson and San Juan counties have been added. Nearly 2/3 of Washington voters who voted in November 2004 are now listed! More counties to be added soon. 2) I've expanded the... [read more]

Who Audits the Auditors?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:09 AM, 12 Comments
County Auditors all over the state are complaining about the extra work they're having to do to respond to the election contest. Pierce County is moaning about the cost: "It's a major monkey wrench in the machinery of Pierce County,"... [read more]

Learn from Iraq
by Marsha Michaelis, 09:33 AM, 14 Comments
Bob Williams makes a couple of interesting observations about the Iraqi elections: 1. All of Iraq's voters were registered in 45 days. 2. Registered voters had to show their registration cards and photo ID to vote. First time's a charm,... [read more]

No evidence?
by Timothy Goddard, 08:37 AM, 2 Comments
This cartoon, by Larry Countryman of Snohomish, was passed to me by Steve Neighbors, chairman of the Snohomish County Republican Party, who asked if I could publicize it a bit. I'm only too happy too to do so. Click... [read more]

January 30, 2005
Times NEXT article on blogs and the governor's race
by Timothy Goddard, 09:22 PM, 8 Comments
Chris Collins of the Seattle Times’ young-people-driven NEXT section has a nice article on the role blogs have played in the current election fiasco: “Bloggers at war.”If the local political blogosphere were a war zone, guns would be blazing, thanks... [read more]

Voter Database Update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:51 PM, 15 Comments
Pierce County is now in the voter database!... [read more]

Parental Notification Pander
by Matt Rosenberg, 03:00 PM, 43 Comments
State Rep. Al O'Brien (D-1) has introduced HB 1443, a bill requiring parental notification in the event of an abortion planned by a woman under 18. Notification by the doctor to one of her parents - or absent any parents,... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:01 PM, 34 Comments
Editorial page editor Mark Trahant in today's column advocates for election fraud -- "Open election preferable to alternative": Every day I read new evidence about Washington's corrupt election process. There's evidence of dead voters, felons who voted, fictional registrations, people... [read more]

January 29, 2005
Partyblogging (live!)
by Brian Crouch, 09:42 PM, 27 Comments
At this moment I am in Andy MacDonald's elegant Seattle home, at a "Blogger Bash," attended by lé weblogue non pareil of Western Washington. Shark, Matt, Andy, Marsha, Ambra, Seth, Ron, Jim, Scott, are all within a few yards, chatting... [read more]

Washington GOP Central Committee report
by Timothy Goddard, 06:03 PM, 26 Comments
The main event of the GOP's central committee meeting today in Tukwila was the election of a chairman, in which Chris Vance was reelected with 66 votes out of 112. However, that wasn't the only happening of import. Anyone interested... [read more]

Georgia Resident Admits to Voting in Washington State
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:32 PM, 80 Comments
A tip from a voter database user uncovered a long-time Georgia resident who admits to voting in Washington State. Dr. Daniel M. Sosin earned a graduate degree at the University of Washington in the early 1990s. He has been employed... [read more]

Take Away the Initiative?
by Ron Hebron, 01:24 PM, 28 Comments
Our political class is happy to run our state without any help from the public, except for paying higher taxes and voting for them, of course. But Washington has had ways for citizens to interfere with state government since the... [read more]

New Election Reforms Blog
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:34 AM, 1 Comments
There is a new blog called Election Reforms, about the subject of ... election reforms. Launched by Sound Politics reader Hanna, who did the painstaking work that exposed the first confirmed cases of both a double voter and a dead... [read more]

Yet another database update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:58 AM, 15 Comments
I just added Kitsap and Yakima counties to the voter database. Many thanks to the readers who sent me the files. You know who you are. We couldn't have done this without you. The other development is that you can... [read more]

January 28, 2005
The Republican Chair Debate... thing
by Timothy Goddard, 11:45 PM, 63 Comments
The debate tonight was not exactly a well-oiled machine. Though it had not been noted in any of the media I saw or heard about it, the debate was put on by the Reagan Wing, a very conservative group that... [read more]

This Is What A Democratic Legislature Looks Like
by Matt Rosenberg, 06:45 PM, 48 Comments
Washington State Senator Darlene Fairley (D-Lake Forest Park) seems to believe military personnel are not capable of fending for themselves in the brutish civilian world, where high-interest payday loans lurk. And the rest of us aren't much better. The Puget... [read more]

Voter Database Update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:48 PM, 16 Comments
I just added Thurston County to the voter database! I have the data for the following counties and will be adding them in (descending) order of size: Yakima, Grays Harbor, Jefferson and San Juan. Readers have promised to send me... [read more]

The Newbie Speaks
by Timothy Goddard, 12:15 PM, 12 Comments
Thanks to Stefan for bringing me aboard. It's an honor to be a part of something that I truly think will be historic--Sound Politics and its role in the current gubernatorial morass will be mentioned in any future Washington State... [read more]

National Review Editorial: New Election in WA
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:49 AM, 18 Comments
In an editorial from its Feb. 14 print edition that is posted online today here, The National Review calls for a new election for Governor in Washington State. Rossi....argues that the vote-counting process has been so chaotic and mishandled that... [read more]

New Contributing Writer
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:14 AM, 1 Comments
I'm pleased to announce that Tim Goddard, who writes the excellent Flag of the World weblog will also be contributing to Sound Politics as our Snohomish County bureau chief!... [read more]

Public Opinion on Revote
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:09 AM, 37 Comments
Strategic Vision released its latest public opinion poll of Washington voters, conducted Jan. 24-26: The poll finds that 53% of respondents favor a revote for governor; 35% oppose; and 12% are undecided. If there was a revote, 51% would support... [read more]

Town Hall with Dean Logan
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:10 AM, 60 Comments
Today's Seattle Times reports on Thursday night's town hall meeting with King County Elections Director Dean Logan. As noted in the article, I challenged Logan's assertion that 1,800 ballots were miscounted, and pointed out that that was only the net... [read more]

January 27, 2005
Sam Reed responds to Democrats' Motions
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:24 PM, 25 Comments
Secretary of State Sam Reed filed three responses in the Chelan County court case this week supporting the Republican position, or, more precisely, arguing that the Democrats' motions to dismiss the election contest are a load of rubbish. In this... [read more]

Property Rights, Secession Revolts Brewing In WA
by Matt Rosenberg, 07:02 PM, 48 Comments
Oregon's successful Measure 37 property rights salvo is boosting support just across the Columbia River in Washington state's Clark County for a similar statewide rural property owners revolt, as The Oregonian reports (quick, 3-step reg. req.). And - closer to... [read more]

"We Do Not Have A Number"
by Jim Miller, 05:03 PM, 13 Comments
That's what Secretary of State Sam Reed just said when asked on the John Carlson show how many non-citizens voted in Washington.   Reed went on to say that it "does not appear to be a problem of real magnitude".... [read more]

Sam Reed on Carlson
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:04 PM, 24 Comments
Sam Reed is just beginning a segment on the John Carlson Show at this moment, 4:03pm should be interesting. KVI 570. Highlights from the discussion: * His office wasn't required to post translations of election documents in Chinese and Korean,... [read more]

Bawlbaby Berendt: Ballot chaser
by Brian Crouch, 03:03 PM, 17 Comments
From the Times, the WA Dem chair is up for re-election:"I am absolutely certain that if anyone were chair other than myself, Christine would not be governor today because we chased the ballots, we fought the battle in the courts,... [read more]

Unsound Transit
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:02 PM, 11 Comments
More evidence, in case you needed it, that Sound Transit is nothing more than a very expensive and very silly boondoggle. "Sound Transit likely to approve Roosevelt tunnel". Even though there is no known revenue source to extend the as... [read more]

Birthday Suit
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:04 PM, 5 Comments
I followed the example of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and submitted a formal public disclosure request to the Secretary of State's office asking for a copy of the state voter registration file that includes voter birthdates. (The Seattle Times received this... [read more]

Pierce County Ducks, Humans: Beware
by Matt Rosenberg, 01:21 PM, 19 Comments
I let this one slip by, and I'm sorry. PETA is asking Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Gerald Horne to go after two addled miscreants from the Graham area, who plucked, then killed a neighbor's duck for dinner. In a press... [read more]

The Corner
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:24 PM, 11 Comments
National Review's The Corner has brought me in as a guest blogger to provide brief updates on the WA governor's contest! Jonah Goldberg is already making fun of me. I don't know if I somehow revealed my naivete to invite... [read more]

All A Matter Of Timing?
by Jim Miller, 12:08 PM, 20 Comments
Two weeks ago I noted that I did not find Christine Gregoire's Snohomish gains in the manual recount especially suspicious. Since Snohomish counts election day votes electronically, these gains come only from absentee ballots, which may explain why they tilted... [read more]

WSRP Chair Debate
by Brian Crouch, 11:05 AM, 10 Comments
"The Final Four" GOP State Chair Debate January 27th, 7:30 PM at the EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL: 15920 W Valley Hwy, Tukwila, WA 98188 (425) 227-8844. State Committee members from all over Washington will attend. Admission is Free. The Embassy Suites... [read more]

King County Auditor Proposed
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:43 AM, 11 Comments
The King County Council is contemplating various reforms in the wake of the recent meltdown in the elections office, today's Seattle Times reports. Some of the Republican members have proposed creating a new position for an elected auditor and moving... [read more]

January 26, 2005
Mary Lane Interview
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:32 PM, 14 Comments
Monday's interview with Rossi campaign communications director Mary Lane about the election contest and revote campaign is now available in streaming video at the Seattle Channel website. Mary gave a really informative interview. I highly recommend it. If you prefer... [read more]

737 Illegal Votes
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:18 PM, 45 Comments
Republicans have discovered and verified 737 illegal votes in Washington's ultra-close governor's election, state party leaders said WednesdayVance said Wednesday that Republicans determined the number of felons who voted illegally by comparing voting rolls from the secretary of state with... [read more]

Happy Birthday
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:32 PM, 28 Comments
We reported two weeks ago that the Seattle Times managed to obtain an exclusive copy of the state's voter registration database that included birthdates. The Secretary of State claimed that it released the birthdate data in error and in violation... [read more]

Private Mail Box
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:30 PM, 5 Comments
For those of you who asked how to send a contribution to Sound Politics via snail mail, there is now a mailing address: Please make your check payable and send to: Useful Work, Inc. 4509 Interlake Ave. N #293 Seattle,... [read more]

by Seth Cooper, 04:10 PM, 5 Comments
Buy Blog. It’s the new book by law professor, radio talk show host and blogger Hugh Hewitt. Folks who have no idea what blogs are (who presumably will not be reading this review) will be provided with an excellent intro... [read more]

Cost in Translation
by Brian Crouch, 11:25 AM, 60 Comments
The PI's Robert Jamieson, noting that Sam Reed is "Swampy Weed" in Mandarin: "A poor or inaccurate translation misinforms and frustrates voters and conveys the unintended message that the state does not equally value their participation in the political process,"... [read more]

Corky Letter
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:15 AM, 39 Comments
Re: yesterday's op-ed praising Dean Logan "King County voters in good hands" by Yakima County Auditor Corky Mattingly. Corky Mattingly originally intended for a version of this op-ed to be signed by all 38 of Dean Logan's peers who are... [read more]

Seattle's "Faith-Driven" Voters
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:05 AM, 23 Comments
There actually are religious conservatives IN Seattle, although religious "center-right" would be more accurate. Liberals in particular need to know more about this breed, posits Timothy Burgess in an excellent Seattle Times op-ed today. He's a former Seattle police detective,... [read more]

Voter database
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:59 AM, 89 Comments
The voter database seems to be a bit of a hit. Cool! I just rolled out an enhancement: It's now possible to lookup voters by name! -- Coming soon: I'll be adding data for Jefferson, Grays Harbor and Yakima counties.... [read more]

January 25, 2005
Posturing About Accountability
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:13 AM, 20 Comments
"If Labor and Democrats are for it, I'm against it." Let's hope that any opponents of reviewing and possibly rescinding some corporate tax breaks in Washington state can come up with better arguments than that. The Columbian reported yesterday that... [read more]

Distributed Vote Fraud Detection
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:48 AM, 89 Comments
Sound Politics has now posted a limited beta version online voter database. This quote was the final motivation for me to put some of the voter data online -- King County elections czar Dean Logan: “Both state and federal laws... [read more]

Meet Dean Logan
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:02 AM, 7 Comments
Speaking of Dean Logan, he'll be the featured speaker at a town hall meeting this Thursday organized by King County Councilmember Bob Ferguson: To discuss needed election reform, please attend my town meeting with Dean Logan, Director of King County... [read more]

You're in good hands with Dean and Corky
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:38 AM, 17 Comments
Yakima County Auditor Corky Mattingly reassures us in today's Seattle Times that "King County voters in good hands" In King County, while the elections officer is not elected, the current occupant of the office, [Dean] Logan, is one of the... [read more]

First In The Seattle Times?
by Jim Miller, 09:24 AM, 23 Comments
This morning, KVI's Kirby Wilbur quoted a letter from the Seattle Times executive editor, Michael Fancher, claiming that his newspaper was first with the big stories on Washington's disputed gubernatorial election.  If by that Fancher means that the Times has... [read more]

January 24, 2005
A Gay District In Spokane? Time Will Tell
by Matt Rosenberg, 02:56 PM, 42 Comments
The story reported last week by AP, "Spokane's Gays Seek Own District" prompted a flurry of reactions, from freepers, wingnut letter writers, white supremacists (no links, on purpose), and bloggers. Not to mention the world press. Intellectually honest Republicans shouldn't... [read more]

Local Hero on The Apprentice!
by Seth Cooper, 01:54 PM, 19 Comments
Alex Thomason, a candidate on NBC’s The Apprentice—and a deputy assistant prosecutor in King County—is spotlighted in “The Insider” column in today’s Seattle P-I. Alex was a good friend and classmate at Seattle University School of Law. When I took... [read more]

Passing the Buck
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:41 PM, 79 Comments
Only a couple of weeks ago, angry constituents were besieging the Democrats in the state legislature to hold off certifying Gregoire's bogus electoral "victory". The stock response from the Democrats? Either (a) it was "the most accurate vote count in... [read more]

King County vote count off by more than 3,700 votes
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:27 AM, 112 Comments
I've finished the massive project of trying to reconcile the King County voter list to the vote count as accurately as humanly possible. My conclusion: their numbers are off by at least 3,748 votes, or roughly 30 times former... [read more]

January 23, 2005
Looking For Some Good Women....
by Matt Rosenberg, 09:40 PM, 42 Comments run for statewide office as Republicans. Not to say Dino Rossi wasn't, I mean, isn't, a great statewide candidate. He certainly is. And he may well hold statewide office - sooner or later - in Washington. But this article... [read more]

Saddam Hussein New President of Iraq
by Andy MacDonald, 01:48 PM, 18 Comments
From commentor Vince Callaway's blog Total Sense: In a stunning upset Saddam Hussein was today announced the winner in a very close Presidential Election. This close race came down to a hand recount of all the votes. During the recount... [read more]

Logan Claims Checking Registrations Not His Job
by Andy MacDonald, 12:12 PM, 58 Comments
The same Seattle Times article on felons voting referenced below by Stefan and Jim contains this choice passage: The Times surveyed 21 of Washington's 39 counties about their procedures for tracking felons, and in most of those counties, officials don't... [read more]

Did Illegal Votes From Felons Provide Gregoire's 129 Vote Margin?
by Jim Miller, 11:32 AM, 16 Comments
That's what I have thought ever since the manual recount in our governor's race.  As Stefan Sharkansky noted in this post, the Seattle Times has done a partial search of the records in just two counties, King and Pierce, and... [read more]

Election Reform Advisory Board
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:27 AM, 27 Comments
Secretary of State Sam Reed has appointed an election reform advisory board: An Advisory Board charged with distributing federal funds to Washington counties to pay for election reforms will meet this week. Members of the board appointed by the Secretary:... [read more]

"Scores of felons voted illegally"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:42 AM, 43 Comments
Today's Seattle Times reports that "Scores of felons voted illegally" Scores of convicted felons voted illegally in the state's 2004 general election, and officials never noticed because of serious flaws in the system for tracking them, The Seattle Times has... [read more]

January 22, 2005
"New election system hit glitches"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:03 PM, 109 Comments
Today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that King County's new software for managing elections was responsible for numerous errors: Many of King County's problems with missing and delayed ballots, rejected votes and duplicate ballots sent to voters this fall can be traced... [read more]

Kimberly Mills: Not a fan of democracy
by Brian Crouch, 02:02 PM, 12 Comments
The PI's Snark attack: Taxpayers didn't foot the bills for the balls, dinners and cocktail parties attendant to President Bush's second Inaugural. But are we supposed to be relieved that big corporations and Capitol Hill lobbyists did?Yes. Since some religious... [read more]

Proud of the process
by Brian Crouch, 11:37 AM, 13 Comments
About 150 Iraqis are making an 18-hour trip down from Washington to L.A. to register to vote... for Iraq's new leadership. "From here, from this place, even if we drive 20 hours, nothing can compare to what the people are... [read more]

From the "Cry me a river" department
by Brian Crouch, 10:48 AM, 4 Comments
SEATTLE (AP) — Despite an 88 percent gain in Starbucks stock last year, some shareholders are steamed because they won't be able to attend the annual meeting next month for lack of space.Tsk. All those Starbucks locations and they can't... [read more]

January 21, 2005
The Student As Billboard
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:39 PM, 48 Comments
R.A. Long High School in Longview, WA, had a "make-your-own-shirt day." Sounds like it was a bit more trouble than it was worth. An openly gay high school student was sent home to change after he wore a shirt that... [read more]

Republican Radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:04 PM, 11 Comments
I'll be co-hosting this Saturday on Republican Radio, KOL 1300 in Seattle 11am - 1pm and on other fine stations around the Northwest. In the first hour we'll get a status update on the election contest and revote effort from... [read more]

Fockers vs. Passion
by Brian Crouch, 03:29 PM, 20 Comments
A new article by conservative author and SoundPolitics ally Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition, compares the hyper-reactions to Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion" with the blithe acceptance of the sequel to "Meet the Parents:" Our Worst Enemy.I was... [read more]

"What is a moonbat, anyway?"
by Brian Crouch, 02:51 PM, 16 Comments
Talk-show host and Michael Medved Show producer Dan Sytman created a hilarious audio montage of barking moonbats from the recent protest. Dan will be using this as an intro on his own show on Saturday morning, 6-8am on KTTH 770AM.... [read more]

Downtown Seattle Republican Club
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:12 PM, 2 Comments
Last call for this event! Due to exceptional response so far, the College Club has given us a larger room and we can accommodate even more people. The guest speaker for next Monday's meeting of the Downtown Seattle Republican Club... [read more]

Boeing's So-Called "Blog" Needs Help
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:08 AM, 18 Comments
The VP of Marketing For Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Randy Baseler, has started a so-called blog, Randy's Blog, but at present it's essentially a corporate web page masquerading as a blog. I say this for three reasons. First, as of today,... [read more]

Letters from my hometown
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:17 AM, 59 Comments
Lots of good Letters to the Editor in today's Seattle Times. Richard McFarland of Seattle writes: I find Stefan Sharkansky's focus and frequent use of the word, "revolution" disturbing ("A citizens' revolution for clean elections, new media," Times guest commentary,... [read more]

January 20, 2005
January Timeline
by Brian Crouch, 11:59 PM, 0 Comments
January 2005   New Year’s Day: Manual recount precinct canvass reveals  684 precincts with more voters than ballots and 725 other precincts with more ballots than voters, for ~1,512 ballotless voters and ~4,593 voterless ballots. Out-of-state press disrespects Rossi’s... [read more]

The Left is so classy
by Brian Crouch, 07:17 PM, 205 Comments
(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Due is a U.S. Army recruiter. Today, during the time of the inauguration, he was engulfed by a swarm of redolent, reeking moonbats at Seattle Central Communist Community College. For 12-minutes these... [read more]

Shifting Sands of Time
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:47 PM, 32 Comments
The most recent oddities discovered in the King County Voter Lists involve funny voter registration dates. The first issue, as I reported the other day, is that several dozen registration dates had been changed between the Dec. 29 and the... [read more]

The Semiotics Of CNN
by Matt Rosenberg, 05:31 PM, 19 Comments
At his regular site Sunbreak City, Seattle blogger Doug ("Democrats For Bush") Anderson has a few thoughts about what always gets attached to the words "America" and "Iraq," on CNN. Has there ever been a more self-important bunch of puffed... [read more]

Black Conservatives Call On Harry Reid To Apologize
by P. Scott Cummins, 02:41 PM, 4 Comments
Something tells me that new Senate Minority Leader (and ostensible chief spokesman for the Democrats) Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev) is going to have a very rough road ahead. Earlier today he was taken to task on FOX News by Shepard... [read more]

What are the Vote Counters afraid of?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:06 PM, 49 Comments
Various county auditors, including Snohomish Auditor Bob Terwilliger, have filed papers to dismiss the Rossi election challenge. Here's my speculation on the underlying motivations -- 1) Some of these auditors, like Terwilliger, are Democrats and simply want Gregoire's "victory" to... [read more]

Reaching Out To The Middle, Again
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:07 AM, 15 Comments
Free speech for me, but not for thee. That's the message from the Seattle Indy Media announcement that an affiliated "Internet Liberation Front" yesterday hacked six conservative web sites with an anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-inaugural message. Five of the six sites... [read more]

Daily Briefs
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:41 AM, 4 Comments
A big thank you to everyone who hit the tip jar in the past few days! All of us here are honored by your support and appreciation. I'm working my way through the list and sending personal thank you notes... [read more]

Gotta love airport security
by Marsha Michaelis, 08:59 AM, 58 Comments
For some comic relief in the midst of all the serious news of the day, here's my interesting experience with Seattle's airport security . . . It certainly wasn't my intention to prove that federal airport security is a joke.... [read more]

Worth Reading:
by Jim Miller, 08:28 AM, 6 Comments
Timothy Goddard's (partial) defense of Washington's secretary of state, Sam Reed.   Goddard argues, plausibly I think, that Reed has mostly done the right things, but said some foolish things during the recounts. I heard the same interview on the... [read more]

Polls mean nothing...
by Brian Crouch, 08:02 AM, 9 Comments
...but they're a good way to take the tempature of the room. Click to e-mail the WA governor's race timeline to people who still need convincing.... [read more]

January 19, 2005
Seattle Enviro-Rocker's Driver Charged Today: Polluting River With Human Waste From Tour Bus
by Matt Rosenberg, 05:45 PM, 55 Comments
You may recall that last August, when Seattle resident, ardent environmentalist and international rock star Dave Matthews and his band were touring in Chicago, their tour bus dumped 80 to 100 GALLONS of human waste through the grates of the... [read more]

King County Ballots Cartoon
by Seth Cooper, 01:44 PM, 5 Comments
Seeing as I accidently set a computer on fire in college and, more recently, had trouble posting my last cartoon on Sound Politics, I'm not going to try to post my latest one on this blog. Instead will refer you... [read more]

Why Conservative Student Blogs Matter
by P. Scott Cummins, 11:01 AM, 28 Comments
Recently I have spent time with conservative students from five different universities in our state, and corresponded with many more. They have diverse and wide-ranging viewpoints, as you would hope and expect. But out of this diversity one common complaint... [read more]

The Plot Thickens
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:22 AM, 37 Comments
A few morning links: *Stefan has a great op-ed in today's Seattle Times: "A citizens' revolution for clean elections, new media." Here's the conclusion: There will be election reform, but it won't be entrusted to a commission appointed by today's... [read more]

An Open Letter To The New York Times
by Jim Miller, 06:23 AM, 24 Comments
One month ago, the New York Times urged Washington state to "count every vote" in our governor's race, repeating the slogan so popular among Democratic activists and editorial writers. We now know, thanks to investigations by the Republican party, the... [read more]

A Comprehensive Timeline of the Governor's Race
by Brian Crouch, 06:20 AM, 31 Comments
The following are 3 timelines for the governor's race, with links to the stories as SoundPolitics broke them. November Timeline December Timeline January Timeline... [read more]

January 18, 2005
Election Therapy For Therapists
by Matt Rosenberg, 09:09 PM, 34 Comments
Courtesy of the invaluable Seattle Community Network, and their monthly calendar of Peace and Justice Events. For all you tortured, Bush-loathing Puget Sound shrinks, doctors, lawyers, teachers and preachers: here's a special Seattle workshop to help you conquer your political... [read more]

King County Military Absentee Ballots
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:44 PM, 19 Comments
As I wrote the other day, there are still a number of open questions surrounding King County's mailing of military absentee ballots. I spoke with King County Elections officials today mostly on other matters and we didn't spend a lot... [read more]

Election Contest Update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:23 PM, 20 Comments
The Rossi campaign has filed additional affidavits with the Chelan County court containing new evidence of voting irregularities. Among the more interesting of the affidavits are the ones from WSRP political director Mike Sheridan and researcher Christopher Yetter. New information... [read more]

Shark on Fox: A Streaming Redux
by P. Scott Cummins, 04:40 PM, 5 Comments
The inestimable "super" Mac of Pull On Superman's Cape provides us with a link to streaming video of Stefan Sharkansky's appearance yesterday with Brit Hume on FOX News Special Report. Access Mac's site here.... [read more]

Tip Jar
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:07 PM, 59 Comments
A big thank you to all of our readers for your kind words of support. Your interest and encouragement has kept us going to investigate and expose irregularities in the governor's election and to shed light on other important... [read more]

Jay Rosen on "Bloggers Versus Journalists"
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:05 AM, 24 Comments
"Bloggers Versus Journalists Is Over" declares NYU Journalism Department Chair and "public journalism" advocate Jay Rosen. Before getting outraged at that declaration, take a good read of this don't-miss piece; long and link-filled. Rosen says there's no debate anymore that... [read more]

Suspending County Election Boards
by Jim Miller, 09:22 AM, 27 Comments
There are election boards — St. Louis comes to mind — that have been associated with so much fraud that no honest person should trust them.  There are other election boards — Broward county in Florida comes to mind —... [read more]

Election Certified in Violation of Agency Rules
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:55 AM, 34 Comments
It's not only common sense that dictates you can't certify an election unless the number of ballots matches the number of voters. There is even a Secretary of State agency rule that mandates as much. Somehow the election was certified... [read more]

January 17, 2005
Sen. Don Benton, Web Entrepreneur
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:49 PM, 35 Comments
The Tacoma News Tribune's intrepid Peter Callaghan reports that State Sen. Don Benton (R-Vancouver) is pitching a Web-based daily round-up of political news called, for just $565 a year, to potential buyers including..... ......lobbyists who represent clients in front... [read more]

E-mail of the day
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:10 PM, 40 Comments
A reader whose e-mail address identifies him as Adam Woltag (awoltag .at. hotmail .dot. com) writes: Hey Stefan, Justr saw your piece on FOX News about the state's the heck did you get to be an expert electoral politics?... [read more]

The headlines speak
by Brian Crouch, 07:40 PM, 15 Comments
Jim at the indispensible Orbusmax has a blog: Orblog.... [read more]

The End of the Beginning
by P. Scott Cummins, 05:29 PM, 16 Comments
It has now been one week since the Revote!Rally in Olympia and the story continues to grow. Coverage has been steadfast from Michelle Malkin and the Wall Street Journal. The Economist has run the numbers and doesn’t like the results... [read more]

"The 'S' Factor"
by Matt Rosenberg, 05:12 PM, 26 Comments
In today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle resident and guest columnist Neal Starkman reprises his lament regarding "The 'S' Factor." He believes stupidity, and unwillingness to place reason ahead of faith, explains George W. Bush's popularity. When Starkman wrote a similar piece... [read more]

Non-Citizens Voting In Hawaii
by Jim Miller, 04:28 PM, 7 Comments
Hawaii has had Democratic governors since 1962, and near one party control of its legislature for most of that time.   As one would expect when one party is unchallenged for so long, the Democrats became corrupt and arrogant, and... [read more]

The right flank
by Brian Crouch, 03:14 PM, 13 Comments
Battles are rarely won on one field alone. Dr. Arthur Coday, the physician from Shoreline who filed a private contest of the gubernatorial election, is asking us to add our voices to his. A citizen's push for a new election... [read more]

When 99.9% Isn't Good Enough
by Brian Crouch, 02:42 PM, 29 Comments
Remember when county Elections Superintendent Huennekens said the "larger number of unaccounted-for votes should not shake people's confidence in the outcome of an election that he said was still '99.9x' percent accurate," i.e.,- close enough for government work. Do you... [read more]

County Auditors Take King to Task
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:37 PM, 27 Comments
The King County elections office, the Democratic Party, Secretary of State Sam Reed, and the lazy and credulous wing of the local media establishment have been feeding us the pabulum that King County's discrepancy of thousands more ballots than voters... [read more]

Media Alert
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:56 AM, 54 Comments
I'll be on Fox News' Special Report with Brit Hume this evening at 6pm EST / 3 pm PST, speaking about the voting irregularities. My first ever interview on a national TV news program!... [read more]

Monkey Business
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:24 AM, 10 Comments
l-r. Christine Gregoire, Sam Reed, Paul Berendt. and then there's Ken "See no evil" Schram hat tips: top photo: soon-to-be-blog christmasghost bottom photo: reader Curt G.... [read more]

Speaking Engagement
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:06 AM, 2 Comments
I'll be the guest speaker at this Wednesday's luncheon of the Gig Harbor Republican Women. I'll discuss the latest findings of voting irregularities, offer some ideas for election reforms and will answer audience questions. Also speaking will be Pierce County... [read more]

Wolfgang von Skeptic Speaks
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:48 AM, 8 Comments
That's the nom de blog of one Loren Bliss, a Western Washington resident and veteran newsman, who among many other assignments, served as a UPI correspondent in this region. Bliss voted for Gregoire in November, but says a revote is... [read more]

A Tale of Two Cities
by Brian Crouch, 09:57 AM, 15 Comments
Horace Cooper comments on the dichotomy between our uncertain election and the Democrats' hand-wringing over the victory of Pres. Bush in Ohio:It is a tale of two cities that shows political posturing at its worst. Democrats in Washington, D.C., protest... [read more]

What went wrong?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:51 AM, 39 Comments
This can't be good for Governor-for-the-time-being Gregoire. Robert Mak's Sunday newsmagazine this week was titled "What went wrong?". Neither Dean Logan nor Sam Reed seem to have much confidence in their work product: Mak: "Do you think we really know... [read more]

January 16, 2005
Brewing vote fraud controversy cheeses bloggers off
by Brian Crouch, 10:54 PM, 25 Comments
In Wisconsin, a vote fraud controversy is remaining almost entirely ignored by the media, and, as in Washington, bloggers are fighting to find the truth. The sandbagging of registrations in Milwaukee almost achieved the desired result: Bush lost Wisconsin, although... [read more]

The ongoing controversy of the King County military ballots
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:19 PM, 28 Comments
Unfortunately, the question whether King County issued all of its military absentee ballots in compliance with the Oct. 7 deadline, has not yet been answered. A headline in the Seattle Times last Thursday declared "Military ballots sent out on time,... [read more]

Non-citizens voting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:37 PM, 43 Comments
No documented cases in Washington yet, but in Texas at least there are recent documented cases of voting by people who are not U.S. citizens HOUSTON (AP) - Officials are investigating how at least 35 foreign citizens, and possibly dozens... [read more]

In loco parentis. Muy loco.
by Brian Crouch, 03:30 PM, 42 Comments
Within two weeks, my wife Gretchen and I will become parents. I worry more than a little about our daughter growing up in a society that seems to have already yielded to the State the status of full-time parent. Read... [read more]

Where To Put That Yellow-Ribbon Car Magnet
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:32 AM, 109 Comments
Screeds like this illustrate why The Seattle Left is on life support. There is a glimmer of salience (regarding better armor for U.S. ground vehicles in Iraq) overwhelmed by bile. NOTE: If you are easily offended, don't read this. And... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:49 AM, 23 Comments
Thomas Shapley in today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer opinion section. "This is no time to be slow-dancing on voting reform" Election reform is a hot public issue, and the interest is not limited to sore-loser Dino Rossi fans or rabble-rousing bloggers. Constituents... [read more]

January 15, 2005
Just Wondering.......
by Matt Rosenberg, 05:08 PM, 52 Comments
Do you suppose that KOMO-TV commentator Ken Schram actually ghost-wrote this piece in The Daily Evergreen?... [read more]

Correction or Cover-up?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:57 PM, 67 Comments
There were two deadlines for voter registration before the November 2, 2004 election: Mail-in registrations were due on Oct 2. In-person registration was still permissible through Oct. 18. Voters who missed the Oct. 2 deadline but registered by the 18th... [read more]

Renting By The Week, In Olympia
by Matt Rosenberg, 04:16 PM, 10 Comments
An editorial in today's Tacoma News Tribune warns any new hires in the administration of Temporary Gov. Christine Gregoire (D-WA) to rent, not buy living quarters in Olympia. Newly minted Gov. Christine Gregoire is putting up a brave front, but... [read more]

Democrats defending the felon vote
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:03 PM, 56 Comments
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the Democrats are manning all battlestations to defend illegal voting by felons. "GOP's request for criminal list raises concern": Comparing voter lists with the state's criminal history database, as Republicans are doing in their attempt... [read more]

How Many Felons Voted Illegally In Washington's Gubernatorial Election?
by Jim Miller, 09:30 AM, 55 Comments
I don't know, and, as far as I can tell, neither does anyone else.  But there are some numbers from the Florida 2000 election that suggest that illegal votes from felons may have provided Christine Gregoire's 129 vote margin. First,... [read more]

Dow Constantine Recall
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:32 AM, 20 Comments
Armen Yousoufian has filed a petition to recall King County Councilmember Dow Constantine [Democrat representing West Seattle, Vashon Island, Burien] The grounds: misrepresenting facts about the Critical Areas Ordinance; voting for unlawful provisions of the Critical Areas Ordinance that are... [read more]

King County Redistricting Disaster
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:02 AM, 14 Comments
The Seattle Times opined yesterday that THE good news about redistricting the county is that it has been done in a spirit of industrious bipartisanship, and the Democrat-Republican balance on the Metropolitan King County Council has been maintained until changed... [read more]

Precedent=deja vu
by Brian Crouch, 05:04 AM, 28 Comments
Tim Goddard burns his proboscis on the grinding wheel with legal precedent from the famed Foulkes v. Hayes case, which brought about a re-vote. He says the current case is "startlingly similar."... [read more]

January 14, 2005
The Dan Sytman Show
by Brian Crouch, 11:12 PM, 6 Comments
Talk 770 KTTH host Dan Sytman (also producer of Medved Show) will have Stefan on his morning program at 7am. If you're reading the blog at this late hour, however, you will probably be in bed then.... [read more]

If only we had the time
by Brian Crouch, 09:42 PM, 13 Comments
News parodies from today's headlines:Probe Lands on Saturn Moon; Finds King County Ballots Rapper sues Governess Gregoire: copyright infringement using stage name "LudaChris" Blood Pressure Rising Nationwide: Republican "attack machine" implicated WA announces plan to expand voter opt-out program for... [read more]

Gov. Chris & Gandhi
by Matt Rosenberg, 04:57 PM, 47 Comments
Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Robert Jamieson today expresses grave doubts about Governor Christine Gregoire's character and integrity. Coming from a P-I columnist, this is fairly remarkable, and just one of many indications that Gregoire faces very tough sledding even if the... [read more]

Happy Birthday
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:42 PM, 24 Comments
Oops. When the Secretary of State's office gave the Seattle Times a voter registration database, they inadvertently released the voters' birthdates. This is invaluable information for doing research on the voter database. The Times has used this information, for example,... [read more]

Plan B
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:19 PM, 68 Comments
In the (unlikely, in my belief) event that the courts don't permit a gubernatorial revote, there's always Plan B. The King County Council districts have been redrawn to accommodate the shrinking of the council from thirteen members to nine. The... [read more]

"Kiev By The Pacific"
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:50 PM, 103 Comments
Here's The Economist, on Washington State's election mess. In one way, Washington state was merely unlucky. Its problems—inconsistent voting procedures, antiquated voting equipment, sloppy vote-counting—could have happened in any state, argues Paul Gronke, an elections expert in Portland, Oregon. ....The... [read more]

Just for fun
by Brian Crouch, 11:46 AM, 20 Comments
Sometimes overstating your case can be hazardous. But it can still be funny. By Daniel Cotrell, linked at FOTW: And here's another well-done one, albeit a little extreme, by Matt Mullenix. UPDATE: Blogophobic conspiracy-nut columnists who believe SoundPolitics is a... [read more]

Two Follow Ups
by Jim Miller, 07:51 AM, 36 Comments
After I posted my discussion of the accuracy of Washington state's manual recount, I saw two issues raised in comments here that deserve follow ups. First, some wondered about the existence of systems that would print paper ballots for voters.... [read more]

This Is Just Sad
by Jim Miller, 06:49 AM, 64 Comments
The Seattle PI's lead political columnist, Joel Connelly, has ignored the substantive issues in our disputed governor's race ever since the election.  He has had little critical to say about the King County elections office, which has admitted to breaking... [read more]

Perkin Warbeck
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:33 AM, 18 Comments
Reader J.C. emails: Instead of Fraudoire why not just call her the Pretender? For real fans of history we could refer to her as the former Ms. Perkin Warbeck.... [read more]

January 13, 2005
Snowjob! (part 2)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:30 PM, 32 Comments
I'm writing this post to both correct a factual error in this afternoon's Snowjob! post and to provide more detailed evidence that King County is pulling a snowjob. Rewind: Last Friday when King County reported an unexplained discrepancy of... [read more]

76 More Felon Voters
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:47 PM, 65 Comments
Tim Harris of the BIAW tells me that they have identified 76 felons who voted in King County, adding to the several dozen other felon voters the group identified in Pierce and Snohomish Counties.... [read more]

Was The Manual Recount More Accurate Than The Machine Recount?
by Jim Miller, 04:55 PM, 69 Comments
That's the claim made, again and again, by supporters of Washington state's "governor", Christine Gregoire.  (They also say, again and again, that Washington's laws provide for a manual recount — which is not in dispute.)  They make this claim in... [read more]

by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:14 PM, 127 Comments
Last Friday when King County reported an unexplained discrepancy of 1,217 more ballots counted than identified voters, they also made this statement: This number is consistent with historic reconciliation rates for King County. In 2000 this number was 1,230. First... [read more]

Recall Sam Reed?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:16 PM, 72 Comments
The Olympian reports today that "Petition filed calling for recall of Reed". The people who filed the initiative are quoted as saying: those involved as partners include soundpolitics. com, the political blog responsible for publicizing many suspected flaws in the... [read more]

Fear and Loathing In Seattle
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:10 PM, 18 Comments
.......of the customers, by the City of Seattle's "public servants." That's what self-described "Bohemian poet, writer and artist" and "life-long Scoop Jackson Democrat" Doug Anderson of Seattle is talking about, at his fine and under-appreciated blog Sunbreak City. "If we... [read more]

Good news on military ballots
by Brian Crouch, 11:23 AM, 81 Comments
We had suspicions that KC elections had covered up missing the deadline to mail absentee ballots to the overseas military. We knew for a fact that: 1. DOJ had threatened the state with a lawsuit if they missed the deadline... [read more]

The next phase.
by Brian Crouch, 08:44 AM, 147 Comments
(image © Brian Crouch 2005) UPDATE: Timothy Goddard has done the work of ten lawyers. Check it out for in-depth analysis of the laws affecting the election contest. Go team!... [read more]

Sick humor for sick times.
by Brian Crouch, 08:38 AM, 7 Comments
Eyes on the Ball: "We are very upset at the allegations of fraud and malfeasance directed at us by Republicans in Washington State," said Elzoah Greybones, representative of Ghouls for Democrats. "It's bad enough that we are constantly under attack... [read more]

January 12, 2005
Top Mayoral Aide Quitting For Council Run
by Matt Rosenberg, 03:14 PM, 32 Comments
Casey Corr, communications czar for Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, and a former op-ed columnist and reporter for The Seattle Times, is quitting his current job to challenge incumbent Seattle City Council Member Richard Conlin. I'm running because I think the... [read more]

Dino Rossi's statement
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:06 PM, 135 Comments
Dino Rossi issued this statement on the event of today's "inauguration" “With thousands of questionable ballots, improperly cast ballots, and disenfranchised voters still in question, most people believe that Washington does not have a legitimately elected governor. In King County... [read more]

An Example Of Distributed Vote Fraud
by Jim Miller, 02:56 PM, 29 Comments
While doing the previous post, I ran across this very clear example of what I have begun to call distributed vote fraud.  The New York Daily News found last August that 46,000 people were registered to vote in both Florida... [read more]

Large Majority in State Backs Revote
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:13 PM, 71 Comments
Spokane station KHQ-TV commissioned a poll this week: 62% in the State of Washington say there should be a new election to re-vote on the governor's race ... and 36% statewide say there should not be a new election. A... [read more]

Are Democrats More Likely To Commit Vote Fraud Than Republicans?
by Jim Miller, 12:59 PM, 53 Comments
Nearly all informed political observers would say yes.  In his book on vote fraud, John Fund is apologetic about mentioning that, because he wants to make a general argument.  Here's how he begins the discussion: A note about partisanship: Since... [read more]

Coup d'etat
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:27 PM, 111 Comments
Governor-pretend Fraudoire's coup d'etat by fraudulent voting and bureaucratic incompetence is on the verge of being accomplished. She is about to be sworn in at this moment. (12:20pm) Witness the disgusting trashing of our democracy live on KING 5, if... [read more]

Viral, Dude
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:06 PM, 11 Comments
Today's Instapundit link to the work of Stefan, and Sound Politics, and today's P-I column. And no, such posts here are not for the purpose of blog aggrandizement. The point is bloggers are increasingly a force, and seriously networked, in... [read more]

Today's editorials
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:02 PM, 24 Comments
Today's Seattle Times full column lead editorial jumps the gun by giving Governor-pretend Fraudoire's procedural victory the political legitimacy that it does not deserve. Headlined "Gov. Christine Gregoire" and with an exceptionally large photograph, the editorial essentially ingnores the growing... [read more]

Go back to Eastern Washington? The dirty dozen are locals.
by Brian Crouch, 10:45 AM, 36 Comments
Skor Grimm has an interesting comparison of quotes from yesterday's capitol building rally in Olympia.... [read more]

Rally revisited
by Brian Crouch, 09:55 AM, 10 Comments
Here are some photos from the Re-Vote rally yesterday, in the extended entry section at bottom. I'll add more later, so check back. If you attended, a good place to post your own pictures (registration required) is The Right Society... [read more]

Seattle Conservative Blogger Canned
by Matt Rosenberg, 09:39 AM, 9 Comments
A Sound Politics contributor and rising star of the national blogosphere, Ambra Nykol, shares with her readers that she has been "dooced," or fired from her day job for something she wrote on her blog. Note that the definition of... [read more]

I'm in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:33 AM, 58 Comments
Robert L. Jamieson, Jr. profiles me in his column today: "'The Shark' uses his blog to take bite out of local politics". It's exceptionally perceptive and accurate. Probably the best article that's ever been written about me. Even though Robert... [read more]

January 11, 2005
Inaugural Ball
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:48 PM, 20 Comments
It sounds like Governor-pretend Fraudoire's inaugural ball isn't exactly the hottest ticket in town: [Ball committee member Judi] Hoefling said they expect 3,500 people — about 1,000 short of a sell-out — to attend the swank event. Some Republicans who... [read more]

Rally Report
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:29 PM, 158 Comments
Had a great time at the Revote Rally in Olympia today. The news reports say that there were 1,000 pro-revote protesters and 500 counter-protesters. I'd have to say they overestimated the number of counter-protesters. Brian Crouch and I drove down... [read more]

Three Cheers
by Marsha Michaelis, 12:42 PM, 120 Comments
I have the advantage of a short commute from the Capitol, so let me be the first to congratulate Stefan Sharkansky on a dynamite speech at the ReVote rally in Olympia. I believe he and the other election mess investigators... [read more]

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Signatures
by Matt Rosenberg, 09:50 AM, 143 Comments
It's all slipping away from the King County elections department, and you read about it here first, thanks to ace Sound Politics data-miner Stefan Sharkansky. The latest crushing revelation of institutional incompetence is the admission, reported to newspaper readers here... [read more]

Lerning too spel kurecktley
by Brian Crouch, 08:23 AM, 27 Comments
In a brilliant piece of prose from the AFT, the Washington State Teacher's Union, we are reminded of the proverb "by the fruit shall ye know the tree."Certify Christine Gregoire! Dear Union Member, As you know, Christine Gregoire's gubanatorial election... [read more]

Olympia Rally Today
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:27 AM, 39 Comments
Revote Rally outside the legislature starting at 10:30. Details and bus/carpool info at the state GOP website I'll be speaking around 11:15. See you there!... [read more]

January 10, 2005
Beware of Moonbats
by Brian Crouch, 10:38 PM, 37 Comments
Tread carefully tomorrow, SoundPolitics readers attending the rally. You never know what you might step in when there's a rabid pack of crazed moonbats swarming. The following letter (not a spoof) was intercepted by Mr. Cynical:Dear MoveOn member: Thanks to... [read more]

Sound Politics on the air
by Brian Crouch, 07:09 PM, 14 Comments
Please listen to Rabbi Daniel Lapin's interview with Stefan Sharkansky on the Toward Tradition radio show. Works best in Windows Media Player... fast forward to minute 6. The Rabbi was so interested in the topic, and blogging in particular, that... [read more]

Bust the Democrat Spin Machine
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:21 PM, 195 Comments
As noted, the incoming Democrat-controlled legislature is poised to certify Governor-pretend Fraudoire's "victory" tomorrow. Democratic legislators are circling the wagons to defend their impending vote. The Democrats who live in swing districts that voted for Dino Rossi find themselves in... [read more]

Interesting Development regarding Absentee Ballots
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:42 PM, 67 Comments
Joe O'Donnell, who broke the story of the hundreds of unverified provisional ballots that were fed into election machines, sends us this email on the King County's military absentee ballots that supposedly went out on Oct. 7: From Bulk Permit... [read more]

Counting almost every vote
by Marsha Michaelis, 01:41 PM, 13 Comments
The latest cartoon from Dan Steele of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation ...... [read more]

Omerta breaks
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:40 AM, 61 Comments
The King County Elections staff are starting to break "omerta" and talk about some of the monkey business that's going on in their deparment. In the extended entry is an anonymous e-mail from someone claiming to be a King County... [read more]

UPDATED: Don't recycle.
by Brian Crouch, 10:05 AM, 67 Comments
Not yet anyway, if you're a military voter who voted absentee in this election: As an investigative follow-up to Stefan's slam-dunk scoop "Correction or Cover-up?" we're asking that you and/or your military friends or family look at the postmarks of... [read more]

Embalm the vote...
by Brian Crouch, 09:15 AM, 5 Comments
... and then check the ballots by hand! (As if that makes any difference when you've got a deceased voter.) With big thanks to Cox & Forkum! We hoped they would do a cartoon on this topic (ok, we begged... [read more]

Independent review needed
by Andy MacDonald, 08:40 AM, 6 Comments
CBS has finally concluded its investigation into the Rathergate memos: Four CBS News employees, including three executives, have been ousted for their role in preparing and reporting a disputed story about President Bush’s National Guard service. The action was prompted... [read more]

Pray For Chris
by Matt Rosenberg, 08:29 AM, 36 Comments
In a piece titled, "If You're Pro-Choice, Pray For Gregoire," Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Susan Paynter today trots out the stale left-of-center shtick that Washington's Republican Governor To Be (?) Dino Rossi could somehow manage to get overturned a voter-approved state... [read more]

Michael Fancher Wants Our Help
by Jim Miller, 06:59 AM, 8 Comments
While sorting through old newspapers I found this column on Washington state's disputed gubernatorial election by the executive editor of the Seattle Times.  Since it was printed December 26th, others besides myself may have missed his request for help: Instead... [read more]

Correction or Cover-up?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:34 AM, 37 Comments
Dino Rossi has made allegations of disenfranchised military voters a central issue in the lawsuit to set aside the election. Today, David Postman reports in the Seattle Times that "Feds threatened suit over military ballots" Less than a month before... [read more]

Bombshell: More King County Elections Bogosity
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:37 AM, 18 Comments
I finally figured out how King County came up with their announced "final" discrepancy of 1,217 more ballots than voters: they used a junky data file and they're off by over 600. The file they distributed on Friday contained... [read more]

Gregoire Postal Stamps!
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:15 AM, 20 Comments
In celebration of Governor-pretend Fraudoire's impending "inauguration" -- A commemorative postage stamp and cover! [click for larger version] A round of applause to Arunas Banionis, who adds: Being the son of Lithaunian immigrants who fled communism to live in a... [read more]

January 09, 2005
What about those 22 magical mystery ballots?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:22 PM, 18 Comments
One of the fascinating subplots of this whole election mess that was forgotten as quickly as it surfaced was the 22 magical mystery absentee ballots that were discovered in a King County ballot box towards the end of the manual... [read more]

"The Mexican Mafia Are Out To Get Me"
by Matt Rosenberg, 09:55 PM, 20 Comments
Monday Jan. 10, The Wall Street Journal's John Fund, an expert on vote, uh, fraud, writes about the latest in the Washington Governor's race controversy, and highlights the stellar work of Stefan Sharkansky of Sound Politics in uncovering statistical anomalies... [read more]

Sound Politics Radio this evening
by Brian Crouch, 06:30 PM, 31 Comments
Tune in to the Toward Tradition radio talk show (hosted by Rabbi Daniel Lapin) this evening at 7pm. Shark will be taking your calls at 206-421-0770. I'll be sitting in as well. I will post a link to an audio... [read more]

An Original Cartoon for Sound Politics
by Seth Cooper, 04:49 PM, 10 Comments
(Cross-blogged at my much-neglected, personal blog.)... [read more]

TNT: Rossi's Challenge Justified
by Matt Rosenberg, 03:31 PM, 14 Comments
A Sunday editorial in The Tacoma News Tribune says the unchecked provisional ballots, in particular, are legitimate cause for Republican Dino Rossi's legal challenge of Democrat Christine Gregoire's 129-vote victory in the 2004 Washington gubernatorial election. ....the counting of unscreened... [read more]

Public non-disclosure
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:23 PM, 14 Comments
Both King and Snohomish Counties told me that they could not satisfy my request to provide accurate lists of people who voted on Nov. 2 because they only keep a fresh file of currently registered voters. If that is the... [read more]

A good lunch
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:08 PM, 0 Comments
I had a good lunch the other day with Steve Rodli, who won our contest to write topical lyrics to the tune of the Ukrainian Carol of the Bells. It turns out that Steve has done this sort of thing... [read more]

Asleep at the switch
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:49 PM, 20 Comments
Secretary of State Sam Reed issued a review in Feb. 2003 about King County's handling of the Nov. 2000 election. Here is one finding: [p. 7]The county is not consistent in their ballot enhancement procedures. The reviewer observed that ballot... [read more]

More spin and b.s.
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:49 AM, 22 Comments
Today's front page headline in the Seattle Times: "Gov.-elect says the voters never got to know her" "I don't think in the end voters ever really got to know Chris Gregoire." That's what Gregoire says about herself today as she... [read more]

Olympian: U.S. Supreme Court An Option
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:22 AM, 56 Comments
The Olympian's political editor Brad Shannon writes today that Republican candidate Dino Rossi's legal challenge to the error-plagued Washington gubernatorial election could end up in the U.S. Supreme court. It's quite possible that GOP candidate Dino Rossi's legal team or... [read more]

Every Vote Counts.
by Brian Crouch, 10:34 AM, 36 Comments
[read more]

Incompetence by Design?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:13 AM, 16 Comments
Remember those 348 (at least) unverified provisional ballots that were illegally and irretrievably commingled with polling place ballots? This problem was anticipated months before the election in a report by a King County oversight commitee [see pp. 47 -48]: Findings... [read more]

More Illegal Voting Found
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:55 AM, 22 Comments
Private Radio blogger JohnnyMC has found more deceased voters in both King and Snohomish counties. He has documentary evidence. The BIAW and its volunteers keep finding more evidence of felons who voted. 52 in Pierce County, now a bunch in... [read more]

January 08, 2005
Basis for Contest of 2004 Washington Gubernatorial Election
by Brian Crouch, 02:30 PM, 101 Comments
From Rossi campaign: “[T]he right of suffrage can be denied by a debasement or dilution of the weight of a citizen’s vote just as effectively as by wholly prohibiting the free exercise of the franchise.” Gold Bar Citizens for Good... [read more]

Valedictorian despite teacher fraud
by Brian Crouch, 11:10 AM, 51 Comments
Rep. Sam Hunt, in a letter to reader Kelly McGrew, wrote the following: "We Finished the Most Accurate Vote Count in State History." "Votes have been checked, double checked and triple checked under the eyes of thousands of Democratic and... [read more]

557 Magical Mystery People
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:40 AM, 106 Comments
Here's another fascinating discovery from the latest King County voter file. [I now have four versions of the King County voter registration file, cut on June 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 29, 2004 and Jan. 7, 2005.] There are 557 names... [read more]

January 07, 2005
King County Elections Math
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:32 PM, 84 Comments
I obtained the latest copy of the King County voter list this afternoon. I'm shocked. shocked! to report that the numbers don't add up. The Elections Dept. explains that the numbers aren't supposed to add up. Even after adjusting for... [read more]

Time for a new recount...
by Brian Crouch, 05:54 PM, 79 Comments a manner of speaking. Starting with the margin of "victory": 129 Let's subtract a small portion of the certain illegal votes and see what we come up with: 129 - 52 felons in Pierce - 8 dead voters in... [read more]

A Sober Decision, To Contest The Election
by Matt Rosenberg, 05:09 PM, 44 Comments
Two weeks ago here, after Christine Gregoire pulled ahead in the Washington Governor's election with a second recount, I wrote that Dino Rossi and his backers should promptly marshall strong evidence for a challenge, or stand down. Well it took... [read more]

by Brian Crouch, 03:35 PM, 163 Comments
Governor-elect Dino Rossi, standing before a sign reading "Every vote should have a voter," just announced that his campaign will be contesting the election results. He said that this state must have a re-vote, under any circumstances, even if the... [read more]

by Brian Crouch, 02:50 PM, 16 Comments
Via the Orb: "Rossi Announcing Decision On Whether He'll Contest Election." I will be there to blog an almost live report. UPDATE: Also, Travis Box tells me that 570-KVI is seeking to get a live audio feed from there, and... [read more]

State Legislative Map
by Andy MacDonald, 02:04 PM, 6 Comments
Stefan and Brian have pointed out the importance of calling or writing your state legislators to urge them not to certify the deeply flawed governor's election. The legislature's website provides a handy map for finding your state reps, and I've... [read more]

The NEW Republican Radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:05 PM, 5 Comments
Republican Radio is on tomorrow with its first new show at its new home and time slot, Saturdays 11am - 1pm on KKOL 1300 in Seattle and other fine stations around the northwest. I've been an occasional co-host of Republican... [read more]

by Brian Crouch, 11:48 AM, 9 Comments
Kind reader Todd Herman extracted the email addresses from the expanded list of legislators. You can cut and paste this list into your email editors for mass mailings. Same rules: be courteous and specific, to be effective.... [read more]

Double Voter Busted
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:50 AM, 24 Comments
On Tuesday I reported a case of a probable double voter. In addition to reporting this on the blog, I also forwarded the information to King County Prosecutor Norman Maleng's office. Mr. Maleng's chief-of-staff, Dan Satterberg, who also represents Maleng... [read more]

Tips for Journalists Searching for Vote Fraud
by Jim Miller, 07:25 AM, 60 Comments
With some honorable exceptions, I have not been impressed by the coverage of the disputed governor's election.  Few journalists, as I have argued before, are even willing to look into the possibility that some Republican claims may be true.  That... [read more]

Shark Radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:10 AM, 5 Comments
I'm about to go on the Kirby Wilbur Show KVI 570 at this moment! (7:15am-7:30am)... [read more]

Voting from beyond the grave
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:43 AM, 32 Comments
Friday's Seattle Times investigates the curious phenomenon of votes cast by dead people "Voting by dead people isn't always a scam". [perhaps not always, but it very frequently is -- Ed.] The article mentions the two cases of post-mortem voting... [read more]

Dino District Democrats
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:03 AM, 19 Comments
Sources in the legislature tell me that: 1. Contrary to an earlier rumor, it does not appear that the Democrats will attempt to certify the election on Monday. 2. The D's have the votes to certify on Tuesday, and... [read more]

January 06, 2005
Banana Republic
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:05 PM, 5 Comments
It's tempting to joke that the timing of this announcement makes it look like Governor-pretend Fraudoire is forming a military junta.... [read more]

Dori Monson Tells It
by P. Scott Cummins, 08:45 PM, 11 Comments
Osama in the Midst of Tragedy Dori Monson, King of Mid-day Talk in the Northwest on KIRO710-AM, can be counted on to have the words to tell the real story - and if not, then finds the picture that... [read more]

Nationally, Democrats Call For Recounts, Ballot Reform
by P. Scott Cummins, 05:16 PM, 64 Comments
The hypocrisy of the Democrat media machine is particularly galling today, with crocodile tears shed for John Kerry’s long-dead White House dream the focus of coverage – even as their apparatchiks defiantly breached every Congressional protocol in (what they presumed... [read more]

A signed confession
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:08 PM, 34 Comments
It should have occurred to me late last night when I first read it, but Dean Logan's "explanation" of the thousands of discrepancies between the voter list and the precinct canvass is as good as a signed confession of massive... [read more]

Too little, too late
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:28 PM, 34 Comments
Secretary of State Sam "What, Me Worry?" Reed proposes a package of "election reforms", which can best be described as lame-assed and too-little, too-late. Some of these ideas are not bad The 2005 Legislature prohibit third parties from collecting or... [read more]

Now on Carlson
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:10 PM, 12 Comments
Tom McCabe of BIAW discussing his group's findings of fraud. KVI 570 - A convicted axe murderer voted from a lunatic asylum. - The batch of 400 affidavits collected over a weekend by Bawling Berendt and his house crawlers collected... [read more]

Election Contest(s) Filed
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:52 PM, 10 Comments
"AP Exclusive: Two court challenges filed in governor's race" Two people have filed challenges to the governor's election with the state Supreme Court, firing the first shots in the anticipated legal battle over the amazingly close contest. ... The Associated... [read more]

The pervert felon vote
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:16 PM, 43 Comments
A number of registered sex offenders have voted in King County. For some examples, go to the Level 2 and 3 registered sex offender search page and look up zip code 98104. I don't want to post any actual names,... [read more]

Snohomish County can't say who voted on Nov. 2
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:52 AM, 21 Comments
As I mentioned on Dec. 30, I found massive discrepancies between Snohomish County's voter list and its precinct canvass (which reports the number of ballots counted per precinct). I just received this explanation from the County Auditor's office: I misread... [read more]

January 05, 2005
Provisional Madness
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:29 PM, 55 Comments
The AP's Rebecca Cook reports on Chris Vance' press conference earlier today Hundreds of provisional ballots may have been counted on Election Day without being verified, state Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance said today. ... Vance said the admission by... [read more]

Another deceased voter
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:59 PM, 25 Comments
Charles H. Kinnune, Sr. a lifelong resident of Issaquah passed away on September 16, 2004. His absentee ballot was cast and counted in the November election. Gregoire carried Mr. Kinnune's precinct by a handful of votes. But of course it's... [read more]

The most accurate election in state history
by Brian Crouch, 08:22 PM, 42 Comments
Ignoring the landslide election of Billy Jenkins to class president of a 3-pupil school in Twisp, Paul Berendt out-absurds even the Seattle PI (which called this a generally well-conducted laughingstock election): Dear Friend, [or enemy--ed.] Last Thursday the Secretary of... [read more]

Swamp diving
by Brian Crouch, 07:55 PM, 16 Comments
Holding my nose, I just visited a place that I just about swore I would never go: Seattle "Indymedia." [Shudder] Why? Well, John Carlson's show (KVI) had a late caller named Roy reading from an email Christine Gregoire had sent... [read more]

On the radio with the Rabbi
by Brian Crouch, 04:36 PM, 9 Comments
Just an early head's up: Stefan Sharkansky will be a guest of Rabbi Daniel Lapin on the Toward Tradition radio show, 7pm Sunday, January 9th, discussing the election and the grassroots teamwork that has developed over this issue. As a... [read more]

A Question For Our Democratic Friends
by Jim Miller, 03:50 PM, 61 Comments
This morning I was listening to talk show host (and Democratic Congressional candidate) Dave Ross and heard him dismiss the evidence that the gubernatorial election was tainted, if not by fraud then by the poor procedures, especially in King County.... [read more]

What, Me Worry?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:14 PM, 48 Comments
Today's Spokesman-Review catches our state's ranking Democrats and top elections officials in a psychotic state of denial "Based on the information that we've seen and results certified to us by the counties, we are comfortable with the results," said Nick... [read more]

Deceased Voter Found
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:53 AM, 41 Comments
It saddens me to report that a ballot was cast in the name of a deceased person. Anne M. Witte passed away in February 2004. Her obituary reports that Mrs. Witte lived in Sammamish with her husband Vernon E Witte,... [read more]

Another Smoking Gun
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:37 AM, 89 Comments
Wednesday's Seattle Times explains some of the astonishing discrepancy between the number of ballots cast and the number of voters who voted: An unknown number of provisional voters, some of whom may not even have been registered to vote, improperly... [read more]

Jan. 11: A critical day for democracy
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:02 AM, 28 Comments
Next Tuesday, January 11 is a critical day in the fight for democracy and to prevent a coup d'etat in this state. That is the day the legislature is scheduled to vote on ratifying the election. Governor-pretend Fraudoire is... [read more]

January 04, 2005
Support Chris Vance
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:35 PM, 42 Comments
Even as we fight to contest the tainted gubernatorial election, another contest is looming that is of interest to many of our readers -- the contest for Chairman of the Washington State GOP. Incumbent Chairman Chris Vance is running for... [read more]

Remember Redistricting
by Andy MacDonald, 06:20 PM, 6 Comments
Reader Jon Schlumpf reminds us that the battle over redistricting the King County Council is running in parallel to the one for governor. In November, county voters passed a resolution reducing the number of seats from 13 to nine, which... [read more]

The Learned Hand
by Brian Crouch, 05:04 PM, 43 Comments
WSJ's John Fund was on Hugh Hewitt's show claims that handwriting analysis of 400 Washington absentee ballots reveal that they were written in the same hand... developing... Will post more when we have something linkable. Stay tuned. UPDATE: by Seth... [read more]

Must-See TV
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:46 PM, 32 Comments
KING5 TV did a shocking exposee of vote fraud in King County -- back in March 1998. Will Baker, the, er, "untraditional" Republican candidate for State Auditor has the videos posted on his website. The videos speak for themselves. Do... [read more]

Shark Radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:26 PM, 16 Comments
John Carlson is back from vacation and I'll be his first guest! Tune in this afternoon at 3pm, KVI 570.... [read more]

Viewer Mail
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:17 PM, 11 Comments
A well-known reporter for one of the local daily newspapers e-mails: Just wanted to say you are doing a good job asking tough questions about the election. I don't always agree with your conclusions, but mining the data for inconsistencies... [read more]

"But we always do a crappy job"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:50 AM, 21 Comments
It's not just King County. The Washington GOP announced yesterday that several of the largest counties have huge unexplained discrepancies, for a total of 8,400 more ballots than voters. The response from election officials is "Don't worry, be happy. We... [read more]

Nothing but net
by Brian Crouch, 10:25 AM, 21 Comments
You thought maybe all we covered was the "generally well-conducted laughingstock election"? O-hooh no.... Via the Orb, according to Seattle Times reporters Jim Brunner and Bob Young, your temporary Stadium taxes might never expire: (edits and emphases added) Seattle's three... [read more]

Flash: Likely Double Voter Found
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:00 AM, 49 Comments
This is either a case of double voting or one amazing coinky-dink. Two absentee votes were cast by people named Dustin S OCoilain. The first Dustin S OCoilain registered on February 25, 2004 listing his residence as 77 S Washington... [read more]

The Smoking Gun
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:53 AM, 52 Comments
As I noted briefly this afternoon, I've found some discrepancies that are in some ways more serious and unexplainable than the ones I reported last night here. I consider this to be a smoking gun -- not for fraud... [read more]

January 03, 2005
Passing Grades
by Jim Miller, 04:40 PM, 62 Comments
How many local journalists deserve them for their coverage of the disputed Gregoire-Rossi gubernatorial election?  Not many, at least not many that I have seen. Maybe I am too harsh a grader.  I would fail any journalist who says "count... [read more]

More "Enron Math" in King County
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:51 PM, 53 Comments
My promised scoop that I broke on the Dori Monson Show: I found a specific case of ballotless voters. Three precincts that share a polling place in Issaquah [2602, 3464 and "Gilman"] where the total number of voting voters noticeably... [read more]

Don't Be Bullied: Be Like Mandy!
by P. Scott Cummins, 01:56 PM, 21 Comments
“Political thuggery is on the rise in America.” So says Thomas Lifson of The American Thinker. Overwhelmingly directed at the right, to the extent it cannot be ignored by the media – they lampoon its impact. Of particular concern were... [read more]

Help toss out this election
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:33 PM, 15 Comments
Many readers have asked how they can help mine the county voter databases for indications of illegal voting and other irregularities. The short answer is: Yes, please! The longer answer is: Here is what you have to do to get... [read more]

A disenfranchised serviceman
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:40 AM, 8 Comments
Reader Erik Kessler e-mails: My brother, Joseph Owens, is stationed in Japan in the Navy. He has been on leave over the Holidays and I spoke to him this weekend and he told me a very discouraging story. He's a... [read more]

Tie an Orange Ribbon
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:10 AM, 7 Comments
Garret Treadwell, who operates the We The People website is now selling Orange Washington bumperstickers and ribbon magnets:I have Orange Ribbon stickers and Revote stickers. Orange Ribbons: let freedom ring, our military counts, we the people, our vote counts 4X6... [read more]

Shark Radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:59 AM, 14 Comments
I'll be on the Dori Monson Show 710 KIRO this afternoon at 2pm. Tune in and hear me break the news of some freshly discovered discrepancies in the vote count that I won't have time to post until later today!... [read more]

"They're everywhere! They don't know they're dead... they keep voting!" -The 6th Sense
by Brian Crouch, 10:25 AM, 26 Comments
I've heard God can't cash out-of-state checks in Heaven, but does He send down absentee ballots? Intrepid SoundPolitics reader Michael Nervik pulled published death notices from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for August 25th, 2004, then cross-checked the results with the King... [read more]

January 02, 2005
King County Elections "Enron Math"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:35 PM, 54 Comments
The King County Elections scandal, along with its many other disturbing facets, is a kind of an accounting scandal, not unlike Fannie Mae or Enron. Because the numbers simply don't add up. After three "certified" vote counts, the numbers... [read more]

A ‘No Vote’ Ballot Counted As A Gregoire Vote
by Brian Crouch, 04:52 PM, 31 Comments
Reader Brian Thomas forwarded us the following very detailed letter describing his experience as a recount worker. Click extended entry to read the whole thing. Such confidence of a "no vote" should mean a "vote of no confidence," in this... [read more]

"Together we are many. We cannot be defeated "
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:28 AM, 31 Comments
The Ukraine democracy movement had its favorite protest song: "Razom nas bahato": "Together we are many. We cannot be defeated" We have our own songs to protest our total mess of an election ("God Bless America" is one of my... [read more]

January 01, 2005
Another disenfranchised voter
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:13 PM, 65 Comments
UPDATE: Good news! The first mystery seems to have been solved. Kevin DeGraaf is on the books as both "DeGraaf" and "De Graaf". DeGraaf didn't vote, but De Graaf did. Kevin's vote was counted (once). Thanks to the reader who... [read more] (redux)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:19 PM, 22 Comments
Yesterday we noted the new (orange) website Here's an explanatory note from Sharon Gilpin, whose political consulting firm the Gilpin Group is behind the site: I have been called a streetfighter by the LA Times - and this is... [read more]

Bombshell: More signs of fraud in Precinct 1823
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:48 PM, 39 Comments
Seattle's Precinct 1823 counted 343 ballots, which is 71 more ballots than the 272 voters who cast them. This is the single largest discrepancy between ballots and voters in all of King County. Nearly all of the discrepancy is... [read more]

Hey WaPo: When you're in over your head, stop shoveling
by Brian Crouch, 01:34 PM, 25 Comments
With nothing else to write about on the first day of the new year, the Washington Post experiments with condescending finger-wagging. (Eh, what's that? They do it all the time?): Such an idea [revoting] may work to resolve a close... [read more]

A new year, a whole lot of links
by Brian Crouch, 09:49 AM, 19 Comments
Happy New Year to one and all! Just want to let long-term readers know that Washington's "generally well-conducted laughingstock election" is getting a lot more national attention, especially Shark's discovery of the King County ballot total/ registered voter total discrepancy.... [read more]

Incontrovertible Evidence
by Jim Miller, 08:43 AM, 22 Comments
That's what Tom Bevans of that invaluable site, Real Clear Politics, thinks Republicans in Washington state need before challenging the election of Christine Gregoire. Republicans need to tread lightly here.  They should only go to court if and when they... [read more]

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