July 22, 2014
President Obama Deserves Some Perverse Credit For The Scheduling On His Latest Fund Raising Trip To Seattle

If he were trying to wreck the afternoon and evening commute, that's what the schedule would look like.

This has happened often enough in this area so that I suspect that Obama — and his millionaire contributors — are timing these visits to disrupt traffic intentionally, that they enjoy the pain they cause for so many ordinary commuters.  (Here's another example of bad timing in a Seattle visit from last November.   Note that Obama was also able to disrupt traffic in Los Angeles on that same visit.)

Polls before the 2012 election showed that most voters thought that Obama cared about ordinary people; these fund raising schedules show that he doesn't.

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(For those unfamiliar with the roads in the Seattle area:  There are two bridges over Lake Washington connecting Seattle with the east side suburbs.  The main one, I-90, has just one lane open in one direction, thanks to construction; the other, 520, will be closed by the Obama motorcade between 5 and 6 PM.  To get back to the airport, Obama will probably close I-405, one of the two main north-south routes, between 6 and 7 PM.

For the record:  I don't think the traffic tie-ups will be quite as bad as some are predicting — mostly because the people who can will change their schedules to avoid the president.)

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