May 03, 2014
Almost A Balanced Ticket For Washington State

Different places, and different times, call for different kinds of balancing.

For example:

In local politics, balance is struck between religion, national origin, and, more recently, race.   Most big cities remain not-very-melted pots in which as many lumps as possible must be appealed to.   Edward Costikyan, the former leader of Tammany Hall, spoke for the politicians' consensus when he defended the practice of giving the public a "representative representation."  In Behind Closed Doors, Costikyan recalled the apocryphal DREAM TICKET for the upper West Side of Manhattan when that section was a prosperous ghetto: "one reform Jew, one orthodox Jew, and one agnostic Jew."

Tammany Hall politicians (and other ticket balancers) would admire Washington Governor Jay Inslee's latest pick:

King County Superior Court Judge Mary Yu was appointed to the Washington state Supreme Court on Thursday, and she will be the first openly gay justice, as well as the first Asian American, to serve on the state's high court.
. . .
She will be the sixth woman on the current nine-member court and the second ethnic minority.  The daughter of immigrants -- her mother is from Mexico and her father is from China -- she's also the first female Hispanic member of the court, and the third of Hispanic descent in court history.

Judge Yu is, for Washington state, almost a balanced ticket all by herself.

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(Will Yu be a good choice for the state's highest court?  I don't know enough about her record to say, but I suspect — given who appointed her — that she won't be.

For what it is worth, our local monopoly newspaper, the Seattle Times, argued for an appointment that would bring some geographical and ideological balance to the court.  They suggested that Inslee pick someone from eastern Washington, someone who was at least occasionally sympathetic to property owners.)

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