April 10, 2014
What Would You Think Of An Employer Who Paid Their Female Employees 66 Percent Of What They Paid Their Male Employees?

Different people would, I suppose, have different answers to that question.  I, for one, would want to know whether the men and women were doing the same jobs, worked the same hours, and other such boring details.

President Obama and our senior senator, Patty Murray, would not be bothered by such details; they would be certain that the difference was due to bias, and might even say that the employer was waging a "war on women".

Which makes this ironic, to say the least.

It's time for Republicans to give women a fair shot at equal pay, Patty Murray said.  So we did a little research.  I was curious - how do the female Patty Murray staffers do compared to the male Patty Murray staffers?

It turns out, one of the worst offenders in the entire United States Senate on gender pay is Senator Patty Murray from Washington.

According to a 2012 report, female members of Patty Murray's staff on average made about $21,000 less per year than her male staffers.  That is a difference of 34 percent.  In other words, the female Patty Murray staffers make 66 cents for every dollar that the male Patty Murray staffers make.

The very worst senator in that 2012 article was Socialist Bernie Sanders — who caucuses with the Democrats.

No doubt, our ace local reporters are, even now, trying to find out whether that 2012 pay gap in Murray's office has shrunk, stayed the same, or grown.

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