February 27, 2014
There's A Promising Candidate In My Own 1st Congressional District

And, unlike the man who represented the 1st for years, Governor Jay Inslee, there is no doubt that he is smart enough for the job.

Republican Pedro Celis, a retired Microsoft software engineer from Redmond, plans to announce his candidacy officially Thursday morning.
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Celis was born in Monterrey, Mexico.  He earned a computer-science degree, then headed to Canada in his 20s, he said, "with one bag of clothes and a box of books" to go to grad school.   He received his Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo in Ontario.

He moved to the U.S. in 1986 to take a job as a professor of computer science at Indiana University Bloomington.  He later worked for startups in California and Texas before moving to Redmond to work for Microsoft, where he wrote database software.  He retired in 2012 as a "distinguished engineer" after 14 years there.

He'll be running against Suzan DelBene, who also spent time at Microsoft.  (And made a lot of money there, though I am unsure just what she did to deserve the money.)

Although I expect this year to be a Republican year, I would have to say that the odds are still against him.  DelBene is an incumbent, though in her first term.  The 1st is often described as a swing district — and was supposed to be designed that way — but voted 54-43 for Obama in 2012.

I expect that Democrats will appeal to anti-Hispanic sentiment; there's already a whiff of that in the Seattle Times article where the reporter, Jim Brunner, refers to Celis's "heavy accent".  (I don't recall the same reporter ever mentioning anything about Kshama Sawant's accent, which also could be described as "heavy".

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(Fun fact:  If Celis wins, he will be the second Hispanic to represent Washington in Congress — and both would be Republicans.

The TV commercials that DelBene used in her previous campaigns impressed me for their political effectiveness, their intellectual incoherence and their dishonesty.

Here's the Wikipedia article on the 1st district.)

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