December 29, 2013
Another Great Joke!

On Thursday, our local monopoly newspaper, the Seattle Times, published a mostly innocuous column by Froma Harrop.

In the middle of the column was this sentence.

Almost no one cares about homosexuality anymore, including most young conservatives.


So the Pope didn't make news when he said some soft things about homosexuality, and no one has been talking about the Duck Dynasty controversy.  (Incidentally, the Pope and the Robertsons appear to agree, in general, on homosexuality, a point that has escaped most "mainstream" journalists.)  And that very column wasn't about homosexuality.

Now that is a great joke, although again I have to wonder whether it was intended to discredit the rest of the piece.

What makes the line especially funny, here, is that the Seattle Times is obsessed with homosexuality.  In particular, for years they have run every story they could find, no matter how old, on any Catholic priest who sinned by pursuing males who were below the age of consent.

(At the same time, they have been supporting the efforts to change the Boy Scout rules, so that gay men can be leaders.  Some might see a possible contradiction there, but the Seattle Times does not.)

In particular, in recent years, the newspaper has run every story on gay marriage they could find — and backed the state gay marriage initiative with their coverage, and their money.

Whatever you may think of those sins by Catholic priests, or gay marriage, anyone familiar with the Seattle Times would know that the newspaper cares very much homosexuality, so much so that they sometimes come close to self parody.

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(For the record, I should add that the Seattle Times is now only interested in some kinds of stories on homosexuality.  Other kinds of stories do not interest them.  For example, I really wonder whether the newspaper, if they were given a tip on a scandal similar to the O.K. Boys Ranch, would investigate it seriously.)

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