December 24, 2013
My Apologies To Arizona

Washington state Democratic legislator Joe Fitzgibbon is not what one would call a good sport, as you can see from his tweet, in reaction to the Seahawk's loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Losing a football game sucks.  Losing to a desert racist wasteland sucks a lot.

He realized that was an error, deleted it, asked people not to take his "trash talk" seriously — which would be easier to do if he weren't a legislator — and then apologized, sort of.

You can decide for yourself how seriously to take his apology by this reaction from another Democratic official:

State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz called the Tweet "a bit harsh," but says he also has issues with Arizona's immigration policies.

Translation:  Arizona is a desert racist wasteland, but it was impolite to say that so directly.

(If Dwight Pelz sounds familiar, but you can't quite place him, this may help.  That's right, our state Democratic chairman was, and probably still is, something of a fan of the dictatorial Castro regime, even though their methods might be "a bit harsh".)

So, on behalf of the better sports in this state, I would like to sincerely apologize to Arizonans for Fitzgibbon's nasty slur.  I am reasonably sure that most Washingtonians do not share his views, and I know that most have better manners.

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(For those who think that Arizona is all desert, here's the Wikipedia article on the state.

For the record:  According to a news broadcast, Fitzgibbon has posted a longer apology on his Facebook page.  I haven't bothered to look at it, since I think his first reactions were more likely to be genuine.)

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