December 20, 2013
Jay Inslee campaigned against tax increases, but "even politicians can get smarter"

TVW host Austin Jenkins pointed out on yesterday's Inside Olympia that candidate Jay Inslee campaigned as an opponent of tax increases, but in a press conference on Tuesday, Gov. Inslee warned that tax increases would be necessary in 2015. Jenkins asked Inslee what had changed.

Inslee replied, "It'll amaze you that even politicians can get smarter over time, I suppose. But what we have found is, we do have a route, we believe, forward, which is to close some of these tax loopholes that are not producing jobs in order to deal with this problem."

Saying that the problem is that "we don't tax the Internet" or services, Inslee again called the state's tax system "an old jalopy," and that the state will have to close some tax loopholes to meet the state Supreme Court's funding mandate in the McCleary case, the price tag for which Inslee pegged at $4-5 billion more.

Host Austin Jenkins: "But you'd have to close some mighty tax loopholes to get four or five billion dollars..."

Inslee: "We're working on it, and the start -- you always start at the beginning, and here's the beginning, let me give you an example..."

Care to guess the example? Why the same ol' extracted fuel exemption that he mentions everywhere, which he again said costs state government $65 million a year -- a pittance, obviously, compared to the amount the state will need to fund McCleary.

Jenkins: "Do you think you're going to come to the realization that you can't do this with tax loopholes alone, and you are going to have to come up with a new tax?"

Inslee's less-than-direct answer: "The way we did balance our budget and get a billion dollars in the last go 'round was to close a couple tax loopholes, okay? So we have just started this process. When you climb a mountain, you take these things step-by-step. We've taken the first two steps on that long, long road to some budgetary improvements. We need to continue them, and I will continue to push those, and I think that's the right thing to do."

It's not really accurate to say that the state got "a billion dollars [for education] in the last go 'round" just by closing tax loopholes. The Legislature agreed on $269.4 million in new taxes in the current budget deal. The increase in education funding is mostly because the Republican-dominated Senate Majority insisted that the bulk of the state's revenue growth be put toward schools.

Inslee and House Democrats included education funding increases in their budget proposals too -- it's just that their increases were contingent on $1.2 billion tax packages.

It will be difficult to increase state tax revenues significantly solely by ending some tax preferences, unless state leaders target large, popular preferences like the sales tax exemption for groceries. So what's the real plan to meet the McCleary decision? We'll have to wait for Inslee to take the next step on that "long, long road" to find out.

Posted by Adam Faber at December 20, 2013 08:35 AM | Email This
1. Instead of closing tax "loopholes" that don't produce jobs, how about cutting taxes that don't produce private sector jobs?

One of the main issues with the Democrats taxation plans is that they start with the assumption that all money belongs to the government and that not taxing to that full amount is somehow a tax "break" or a tax "loophole".

Posted by: SouthernRoots on December 20, 2013 10:15 AM
2. Since the first priority of the legislature is supposed to be education maybe they should pare back on other services so that there won't be any tax increases.

Posted by: Kevin R. on December 20, 2013 10:47 AM
3. 1st off....I'll save MBS some time typing his reply of "Adam you hack!". Now he can talk about the topic.

My question to Gov. reducing spending also "getting smarter"? It sounds like only increasing taxes is when politicians are smarter.

Sounds pretty dumb to me.

Posted by: Dengle on December 20, 2013 11:49 AM
4. Anytime Inslee is questioned by the "press" on future budgets and taxes, the question needs to be asked if he is still holding to his promise to the voters of opposing a Washington State income tax.

Then we can at least keep track of his morphing weasel language as he slowly and "unavoidably" becomes a big proponent of an income tax. He's going to go for it, and everyone knows it.

Posted by: BobB on December 20, 2013 12:33 PM
5. Democrats and unions working hard to close the really big "loophole" of Boeing jobs, tax revenue and other sources of Boeing benefit to WA.

The real old jalopy is the long term Democrat leadership in WA.

Posted by: Leftover on December 20, 2013 12:36 PM
6. "Instead of closing tax "loopholes" that don't produce jobs, how about cutting taxes that don't produce private sector jobs?"

Let's see what closing loopholes does.

"Adam you hack!"

Sorry, but you didn't use CAPS. You need to fix quick that before Mike gets here.

"Boeing jobs"

And if they become high-pay Airbus jobs? Well, that'd be after the state expropriates all of Boeing's plants and other facilities. Heh. Sux to be Boeing.

I see that our resident pathological liar Pudge is still desperately trying to justify his redefinition of the word nepotism. That stupid dog simply will not let go of a bone, will he? And my goodness, such a profusion of lies. Sigh! I reckon anything goes that can be used to somehow convince himself that he wasn't humiliated yet again for being dumber than a stump. He certainly isn't convincing anybody who understands the distinctions between nepotism, favoritism and cronyism. Gawd, what a stupe.

Posted by: Zatoichi on December 20, 2013 01:48 PM
7. Man the Obama team is a bunch of Douchebags.

So it has been confirmed with HHS, that for the 14th time, the ACA has now been changed at will by the Administration. This, in a constitutional republic, strike that, banana republic. The Obanana Republic.

And the change was to allow people who bought at a high price to cancel and now sign up for bare bones. But the Obama nuts here have been screaming that the whole point of the law was to get everyone to pay more to cover the uninsured, the needy, and such. And that is why the Socialist Obamabots canceled everyone in the first place... To push them in to more expensive plans to cover their grand scheme.

Wow, what a bunch of idiots. Remember these were the alleged "junk" plans. But in an effort to deal with the meltdown that no one in the US wants, the administration is letting people back on these low cost, high deductible, catastrophic plans.

Douchebags. They cannot even stick by their own plan. Cowardly walk back is fitting for a leader who is himself, a coward.

Posted by: Mike on December 20, 2013 03:18 PM
8. Mike at #7

My thoughts exactly.
I only wonder where all of the Obama supporters arguing for the law are now?
Awfully quiet here don't you think?

Posted by: Amused by Liberals on December 20, 2013 03:35 PM
9. Dengle @3 - Now that we've gotten that little unpleasantness out of the way ;')

Posted by: alphabet soup on December 20, 2013 03:59 PM
10. Pudges thread on nepotism is without any doubt the single most puerile inane thread ever.

Nepotism . . . who cares??? No one.

As always Pudge has no point and offers only endless useless obtuse argumentative bullcrap.

Nice job Pudge, you get the most mindless tedious blogster of the century award.

The amusing part is that pudge thinks he's clever.

Posted by: Amused by Liberals on December 20, 2013 05:01 PM
11. He is a Marxist at heart.

Makes Lowry look sane.

Posted by: Independent Voter on December 20, 2013 05:25 PM
12. Is it just me or does the screen grab of Inslee in Adam's post look a little like George Bush? Including his facial expression. Maybe that's how we defeat Inslee in 3 years - convince his liberal supporters that he looks like Bush.

Posted by: John Smith on December 20, 2013 06:35 PM
13. At # 12,

It's just you.

Posted by: Amused by Liberals on December 20, 2013 07:21 PM
14. Amused, I have to admit that I've been wrong about you. You're quite capable of thinking for yourself. Not only your thoughts above, which happen to agree with mine, but you were impressing me even more, comment after comment, in that other thread taking on Steve, even though you were expressing points of view far different than mine.

I've been wondering if maybe I'm also at least a bit wrong in my assessment of Alphabet Soup. Not only independent thought have I seen, but a sense of humor too!

I'm mostly here to take Pudge down. In case you haven't noticed, I can't stand the lying, humorless, condescending, freedom of speech-hating SOB.

Doctor Steve

Posted by: Zatoichi on December 20, 2013 08:33 PM
15. At #14

Thanks so much for the compliment.
I enjoy comparing views, that's all.
If you can show me something new, I'm keenly interested.
If not, I will go along for about so long until it becomes boring.

I'm not Soup so I don't know for certain what he believes from one time to another.
His style is a lot different than mine and he obviously cares but he takes no crap from mindless liberals.
I like that.

I think we both (along with many others and maybe you) just want to find the truth.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Posted by: Amused by Liberals on December 20, 2013 08:55 PM
16. Amused,
Excellent comments! I appreciate our discussions that we have had. Merry Christmas to you and your family (if you have one). Wishing you all the best!


Posted by: tc on December 20, 2013 10:57 PM
17. You're very welcome, Amused. Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a great new year to come.

"Excellent comments!"

It appears I'm not the only one to take note.

You deserve the compliments.

Posted by: Zatoichi on December 21, 2013 06:51 AM
18. Zatoichi - thanks for your comments. I rediscovered SoundPolitics after a lengthy hiatus - largely imposed by pudgy. The Puget Sound region needs a place for conservatives to meet and talk and SP used to be a large player in the arena of ideas. Alas, it is sad shadow of its former self. It reminds me of a comment I read a long time ago by another frustrated SP participant, "Say, this would be a great place for a discussion site!"

I don't come to bash pudgy. I don't need to - he is mostly a self-inflicted wound - and I won't criticism others for taking him to task. I will say this in his (partial) defense: unlike the other contributors here he does do a little to ride herd on the disruptors (he just overcompensates). The zookeepers have let the animals take control of this place (all except miller who stays locked in his office muttering to himself).

It's a pity



Posted by: alphabet soup on December 21, 2013 08:13 AM
19. Mikeyboyscout you incredible HACK, you pathetic liberal sycophant. You Inslee jock sniffer.

Just though I would get that out of the way upfront for all future Mikeyboyscout posts.

Posted by: Smokie on December 21, 2013 09:05 AM
20. Those who believed Inslee would not increase taxes and voted for him are the poster people for Low Information Voters. The nature of today's Democrat party is raising taxes to subsidize bigger government. He became smarter in his eyes because he believed he was able to lie and get elected.

Those who voted for him are the blissfully ignorant chumps and there are a boatload of them here. They are stupid enough to buy into the Martin Bashir's, Chris Matthews and Randi Rhodes talking heads of this world - who are all mentally ill and chemically imbalanced. SAD

Posted by: KDS on December 21, 2013 10:04 AM
21. This is one more example of the Dumbing down of the electorate in this state.

My question is; what do the Republicans intend to do about this ? Give it their typical lip service and resonate poorly or take action and come up with a plan to counteract it and stimulate the brains of these dumbed down potential voters ? Hint: Consider the definition of insanity ? How bad does the GOP want a Republican Governor in the foreseeable future ? A unified plan with clear actions speak much louder than poorly resonating rhetoric.

Posted by: KDS on December 21, 2013 11:11 AM
22. Extending the state sales tax to gasoline is Spellman's top money-raising idea.,1733167

You still haven't explained to me what makes Inslee's behavior much differnt than that of our last Republican Governor.

What makes me so mad when I read posts like this is that I KNOW that had McKeena been elected, and if he started talking like Islee is...YOU WOULD BE DEFENDING HIM!

Because I have seen it before.

Your partisanship ahows how out of touch you really are with the tone of the political environment both statewide and nationally. We are SICK of partisanship. Next year it's all about IT"S BOTH PARTY'S FAULT.

Anyone who isn't expressing that is going to be percievered as being part of the problam. Because you are.

I know Adam, you are just outraged that you didn't get a government job in 2012. They are sweet arent they.

And once in, it's hard to defeat an incumbent. But it has known to happen, like in 1992, 2006, 2008...

Posted by: Steve on December 21, 2013 11:21 AM
23. "had McKeena been elected, and if he started talking like Islee is"

Difficult to imagine. Far easier would be to imagine McKenna uttering things and wanting to go in directions that would have liberals pissed as hell and bloggers and commenters here having a field day with it.

From an entertainment perspective alone, Mckenna in office could only help this blog, perhaps resulting in less man-boob commentary and fewer ridiculous posts with long threads about Pudge's neverending confusion over the meaning of words.

Posted by: Zatoichi on December 21, 2013 11:48 AM
24. "Mikeyboyscout you incredible HACK"

You got the CAPS right. Good on you! And Merry Christmas, Smokie, and happy new year!

"Zatoichi - thanks"

You're welcome! And Merry Christmas, Soup, and happy new year to you!

You too, of course, KDS. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Posted by: Zatoichi on December 21, 2013 11:56 AM
25. Adam, I don'r believe you.

Becausee you are implying that Inslee is lying.

And as Amused all tell us politicians do not lie. Nor do lobbyists control what is happening in Olympia by supporting both parties.

So, I guess you are the liar then, right Adam.

Actually you are just mad that you are not the one in Olympia, raising our taxes. Becasuse in the end as much as you talk about Partisanship you would side with the Demoacrats in a moment, against all of us, if you were only on the inside instead.

So yeah, it's not that I oon't hate Obama and Inslee, bur I hate you so so much more. The one thing they can't do is stab me in the back, and you have stabbed me in the back more times than I can count (or I should say didn't bother, I could list them but I am sure I would forget a betrayal or so).

We might not be able to save America but we can sure advenge it. And we will seek revenge on th liars of 2010!

Forget about how bad we are, look at how bad they are. Sorry, that motto might have worked at one time not not anymore. We just don't have enough time left to play "Party Games". It's not about the future of the Republican Party anymore. It's about the future of the Republic.

Not notaried? Go to hell, Adam!

Posted by: Steve on December 21, 2013 02:09 PM
26. Not Difficult to imagine.

There was hardly any difference between Inslee and McKenna in rhetoric DURING Campaign mode.

There would have been far less once campaign mode was over. After all read what our last Republican Governor did. Sounds far worse than what Adam suggests Inslee is planning to do.

So, yeah, little diffrence. I bet the Senate Republicans were glad McKenna lost because one of the few differences there would be would that Senate Republicans would feel pressure to support McKenna's tax increases where as they don't feel that pressure with Inslee.

So yeah, I have no doubt that McKenna would be proposing something quite similiar since this agenda is coming from the lobbyists and they control the legislation, the budget, the policies that come Olympia and they donate money to both Republican and Democrat incumbents.

Posted by: Steve on December 21, 2013 02:27 PM
27. What does the RINO say?


What the RINO say?


What the RINO say?

"A-hee-ahee ha-hee!
A-hee-ahee ha-hee!
A-hee-ahee ha-hee!"

What the RINO say?

Posted by: Steve on December 21, 2013 05:30 PM
28. Steve, you anarchistic HACK !

You and Mike BS are clueless....

Posted by: KDS on December 21, 2013 07:56 PM
29. It is not just in DC where the Extreme Left is shitting the bed. Closer to home in Oregon, they cannot get the Covered Oregon exchange working. Maybe they should rename if Covered Wagon Oregon?

You would think these idiots would learn that if they cannot run pay toilets in downtown Seattle that a project touching one sixth of the US economy is several million light years out of their reach.

Nope. Nothing dumber or more useless than an arrogant know-it-all Obamabot.

Posted by: Mike on December 22, 2013 01:19 AM
30. Steve - your post @27 makes more sense than usual! Been getting more sleep?

Posted by: katomar on December 22, 2013 06:39 AM
31. President Selfie!

This is why Americans' trust in big government is at an all time low. Any why Americans, even Democrats, poll in majority as understanding that big government will not lead to success.

If we had a President that was a serious adult who acted his age, then we might return dignity and civility to our culture and world standing.
Instead, we have President Facebook who is acting like a 20 year old and teaching Americans to be more concerned with vanity, and taking overly lavish vacations they cannot afford, using credit.

Posted by: Mike on December 22, 2013 10:27 AM
32. Obamabots claim that they are the keepers of freedom and the protectors of civil liberties. While they fret about trying to add instant free birth control to the Bill of Rights, this adminstration has been anything but a friend to freedom.

Judges repremanding Obama for troubling secrecy.

Even cheerleader Obamabot journalists are troubled by the lack of access to the President and the way Presidential photography is tightly controlled.

The secrecy and paranoia in this White House would make Nixon blush.

And what about the NSA? Even the Obamabot NYT is troubled by the President's response on NSA overreach.

Remember in the good old days when all we had to worry about was Bush listening in on our cell phone calls? Now everything we do in the digital world is under Obama's NSA scrutiny.

Obamabot idiots. Thanks for making everything worse than Bush.

Posted by: Mike on December 22, 2013 10:37 AM
33. The answer to taxation of individual income is always the same: a simple, flat rate tax on all income above a single, defined amount. None of these shenanigans to promote home ownership or whatever.

The tax that is easy to compute a low single rate, and with heavy penalties for cheating is the best we can hope for.

Posted by: Ten Years After - Roger Rabbit is just a liberal progressive troll. on December 22, 2013 02:36 PM
34. @35
But that would not allow Democrats to punish the middle class, grant tax exemptions to lower classes in exchange for votes, and build loopholes for their rich partisan friends?

Posted by: Mike on December 22, 2013 03:59 PM
35. Mike loves to say, "Obamabots" "Obanana" "Obamabots" "Obamabots" "Obamabots" "Obamabots" "Obanana!" "Obamabots!!"

Maybe it would be kind of fun to let 12 year-olds run the country. Then Mike could be in charge!

Posted by: Obamabots Rule the World! on December 22, 2013 05:33 PM
36. Interesting how from #21 on, this thread descended into "poop slinging" inanity.

Because it would be like poking a varmint with a stick, I won't mention names.
Nevertheless the better expression for this thread is "never wrestle with pigs in poop,
especially since they like it."

Posted by: Amused by Liberals on December 22, 2013 06:43 PM
37. @35 - This country is already being run by a 12-year old (their emotional age). Your apparent idol, the President is a racist ideologue. Your taste is in your mouth !

Posted by: KDS on December 22, 2013 09:53 PM
38. Yes, those who reflexively, sycophanticly and roboticly support the President, even when he is obviously wrong, are Obamabots.

We have more intelligence, and much more independent thinking in most robotic assembly lines, than we do in the typical Obama voter.

Posted by: Mike on December 23, 2013 08:00 AM