December 08, 2013
Is There An Inslee Effect?

We all know about the Gore effect, the way that cold weather follows the former vice president around to so many climate change conferences.

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee is another believer in the climate change religion.  On Friday, he opened a meeting of the state's Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup.

Naturally, the weather for the meeting was cold.  And has stayed cold.

There are meetings scheduled for the 13th and 18th of this month, so residents here should be prepared for more cold snaps, even if, like me, they need more evidence before they decide there is an Inslee effect.

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(I suppose some time I should treat Inslee's ideas on global warming, such as they are, more seriously.  But I find that hard to do, since his views seem more religious than political, and I am no expert on comparative theology.  If that account by Andrew Graber is reasonably correct — and it might be — Inslee objected to the very idea of considering costs and benefits of different climate change policies.

I should add that, as far as I can tell, Inslee is sincere in his beliefs.  I mention that because so many people have noticed that Al Gore's personal behavior — he has a carbon footprint nearly as large as that of entire provinces in some poor nations — is inconsistent with what he says he believes.)

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