June 20, 2013
Rally calls on Sen. Andy Hill to do what's right

And it was a public employee labor rally, so of course what's right is to raise taxes. $2 billion in higher tax revenues in the next biennium? Doesn't matter, raise taxes. A $320 million improvement in the state budget situation in just the past few days? Doesn't matter, raise taxes already.

Approximately 150 activists gathered at Kirkland's Heritage Park last night, rallying to pressure Sens. Rodney Tom and Andy Hill to raise taxes. One had to listen close, though, and wade through all the euphemisms to hear that basic message. The dreaded T-word wasn't sprinkled too liberally in the speakers' remarks.

Which is not to say the protestors - made up mostly of members of the teachers union, the nurses union, and SEIU - actually expected their rally to alter the course of events in Olympia. They're just getting ready for 2014, under the standard tactic of attack early, attack often. They want Hill's seat back.

Their beef with him? He's the author of the only no-new-taxes budget in Olympia. Bryan Myrick at NW Daily Marker highlighted their recent aggressive moves against Hill, with SEIU going so far as to pass out political flyers targeting him at a high school graduation:

According to a first-hand account, members of the Service Employees International Union used Woodinville High School's recent graduation ceremony as a venue for political organizing, handing out "programs" attacking Hill and also distributing the senator's personal cell phone number.

Last night's rally was in a similar vein, an attempt to soften up Hill's support with voters in preparation for 2014. After the rally, participants were encouraged to go out in Kirkland to hand out flyers paid for by the Our Economic Future coalition, a group that is a laundry list of leftist organizations.

The flyers (which don't use Hill's personal cell number, so that's an improvement) already seem a little dated. They read:

Rather than negotiate in good faith, Republican legislators are holding the state budget hostage to protect those special interest loopholes and pass even more unpopular policies. Their refusal to compromise is driving our state towards a government shutdown July 1st.

Apparently the news that Tom, Hill et al have offered to let their policy bills die, strike a budget deal, and end the session hasn't reached the Our Economic Future coalition (or gosh, they just didn't care). If Hill and his fellow senators in the Majority Coalition Caucus can be painted as obstructionist hostage-takers who will shut down the government, then that claim will be made -- regardless of the facts.

* Sen. Joe Fain, a Hill ally, has put out a video explaining his support for Hill and his budget that is worth viewing.

Posted by Adam Faber at June 20, 2013 06:06 PM | Email This
1. "According to a first-hand account, members of the Service Employees International Union used Woodinville High School's recent graduation ceremony as a venue for political organizing,"

Because our newest citizens should have no knowledge or example of how to use their adult political freedoms.

"...handing out 'programs' attacking Hill and also distributing the senator's personal cell phone number."

Well, using his personal number was pretty low. Let's look at that "first-hand" evidence, shall we?

"The flyers (which don't use Hill's personal cell number, so that's an improvement)"

An "improvement" over a claim which has no evidentiary basis, apparently. Or was that "first-hand account" just so much utter garbage? Discuss.

"Apparently the news that Tom, Hill et al have offered to let their policy bills die, strike a budget deal, and end the session..."

Yes, they fled in abject cowardice from their highly principled positions the moment they were informed just how wildly unpopular those positions were. The speed of their flight should have been no surprise to us liberals -- is that your point?

"... obstructionist hostage-takers who will shut down the government,"

Which is exactly what they were, until they fled in panic.

We can see why you issued this apologia -- your admiration for your gusty political 'leaders', whose raw courage in defense of principle vastly exceeds your own.

Posted by: tensor on June 20, 2013 11:48 PM
2. Purple is the new Red.

Posted by: Leftover on June 21, 2013 02:54 AM
3. Used to live part time in Kirkland when J Dunn was a congresswoman. You guys on the West side have gone absolutely bonkers. Born and raised in the state district that was represented by Jeanett Hayner, we on the East side are just appalled at what the Seattle corruption machine is doing to our state. Sure would like to build a fence around that whole area and blockade you from leaving your hell hole.

Posted by: glasater on June 21, 2013 09:18 AM
4. The hell hole is being propagated by indoctrination in Public schools (controlled by the WEA/NEA - an appendage of the Democrat party & Universities - with indoctrination by leftist professors in liberal arts, history, psychology, sociology and other non-science/engineering classes). The challenge for those who believe in something other than idols is to wrest control of some of these institutions away from the idol worship of leftism.

Posted by: KDS on June 21, 2013 10:18 AM
5. KDS,
Wow, couldn't fit any more adjectives in those two sentences? :-)

Posted by: tc on June 21, 2013 12:43 PM
6. Adam,
I agree that rally organizers are out-of-touch with reality. Thanks for the post.

Posted by: tc on June 21, 2013 12:45 PM
7. Please keep repeating that Seattle is a "hell-hole"; if it keeps some like-minded folks out of here, so much the better. (Where does the founder of this blog reside?)

And Adam, no natural law limits use of hard-ball, always-attack, personal-destruction politics to KVI, this blog, etc. Liberals can use such tactics too, and all your scolding merely informs us that you fear our success in using them.

Posted by: tensor on June 21, 2013 03:26 PM
8. Adam,

Is there a single organization of the 156 organizations from all over the state which formed the Our Economic Future with which you and your Republican paymasters can work?

Or have you here formally declared them yours and your Republican party's enemies?

AAA Residential Services
AARP Washington
Addus Healthcare
Alzheimer's Association - Western and Central Washington State Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics - Washington Chapter
American Association of University Women - W Chapter
American Diabetes Association
American Federation of Teachers
American Rivers
ARC of Washington State
Asian Pacific Islander Coalition Against Tobacco
Asian Pacific Islander Coalition of Washington State
Benton Franklin Parent Coalition
Cascade Bicycle Club
Center for Social Justice
Center for MultiCultural Health
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Centerpoint Services
Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition
Children's Alliance
Children's Home Society of Washington
Chinese Information and Service Center
Church Council Of Greater Seattle
Climate Solutions
Columbia Valley Community Health
Common Ground
Community Employment Alliance
Community Health Center La Clinica
Community Health Network of Washington
Community Health of Central Washington
Community Youth Services
Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
Consejo Counseling and Referral Service
Deaconness Children's Services
Disability Rights Washington
Drug Abuse Prevention Center
Dynamic Organizations
Earth Ministry
Eastern Washington Voters
Economic Opportunity Institute
El Centro de la Raza
Elder and Adult Day Services
ElderHealth Northwest
Entre Hermanos
Environment Washington
Equal Rights Washington
Faith Action Network
Families and Friends of Violent Crime Victims
Family Alliance for Mental Health
Family Health Center
Family Resource, Education & Empowerment for Developmental Disabilities
Food Lifeline
Foster Promise
Habitat for Humanity - Washington
Harvest House
Housing Development Consortium Seattle-King County
Inclusion Werks
Inland Empire Residential Resources
Interfaith Community Health Center
Islamic Civic Engagement
Japanese American Citizens League - Seattle Chapter
Jefferson County Citizens for Healthcare Access
Juan de Fuca Festival of Arts
King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
King County Democrats
King County Democrats Legislative Action Committee
King County Labor Council
Kirkland Interfaith Transitions in Housing (KITH)
Lake City Task Force on Homelessness
Latino Community Fund of Washington State
League of Education Voters
League of Women Voters of Washington
Legal Voice
Lifelong AIDS Alliance
Lutheran Community Services Northwest
Main Street Alliance
Mason County Shelter
Minority Executive Directors Coalition
Moses Lake Community Health Center
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
National Association of Social Workers - WA Chapter
Neighborcare Health
New Futures
Northwest Health Law Advocates
Northwest Progressive Institute
NW Energy Coalition
O.P.E.I.U. Local # 8
Olympic Community Action Programs
Organizing for Seattle
Partners with Families & Chlidren: Spokane
Passages Family Support
Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
People For Puget Sound
Pioneer Human Services
Planned Parenthood Votes! Northwest
POWER, Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights
Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)
Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans
Puget Sound Sage
Real Change
Resident Councils of Washington
Resolution Washington
Retired Public Employees of Washington
School Nurse Organization of Washington
School's Out Washington
Sea Mar Community Health Centers
Seattle Audubon Society
Seattle Human Services Coalition
Seattle / King County Coalition on Homelessness
SEIU Washington State Council
Self-Advocates in Leadership (SAIL)
Sierra Club
Sound Thinking
Statewide Poverty Action Network (SPAN)
Teach for All
Teamsters #117
The Washington Bus
The Arc of King County
Transportation Choices Coalition
UAW Local 4121
United Faculty of Washington State
United Way of Snohomish County
Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates
Washington Adult Day Services Association
Washington Alliance for Retired Americans
Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers (WACMHC)
Washington Association of School Administrators
Washington Community Action Network
Washington Conservation Voters
Washington Eldercare Alliance
Washington Environmental Council
Washington Federation of State Employees
Washington Federation of State Employees, Council 28
Washington Home Care Coalition
Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
Washington State Association of Head Start and ECEAP
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Washington State Coalition for the Homeless
Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Washington State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
Washington State Nurses Association
Washington State School Retirees' Association
Washington State Senior Citizens Lobby
Washington State Special Education Coalition
Washington Student Association
Washington Toxics Coalition
Washington Tuition Blog
Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Posted by: MikeBoyScout on June 21, 2013 05:54 PM
9. And Adam, no natural law limits use of hard-ball, always-attack, personal-destruction politics to KVI, this blog, etc. Liberals can use such tactics too, and all your scolding merely informs us that you fear our success in using them.

Posted by tensor at June 21, 2013 03:26 PM

Who said it was in the first place - don't think Adam was going there. Were you joking ? Leftists use hard ball, personal destruction tactics all day long and moreover the Federal Government and State Governments (in Olympia & DC) use these tactics against the people (re:IRS, NSA, Justice Dept.).

MBS- Are you trying to mimic the White House's known enemy list with you ass-umed Republican's enemy list - that's rich !

Posted by: KDS on June 21, 2013 06:08 PM
10. You know, there was a time when I wanted the Republicans in the Senate to do what was right. There was a time when I wanted the Republicans to have my back. That was with the Gay Marriage Vote, and instead they threw me under the bus!

SO, now the Republicans want me to have THEIR BACK? Why? I mean really what's this fight really about anyway? So, I will have to pay a few more dollars if they raise the sales tax. I am getting up there in age. I really have bought pretty much all I need to buy, I mean for the most part. There's no sales tax on food. I visit Oregon frequently. Actually have a cabin there so any clothing or stuff like that for the most part I can buy when I am down there. It's not like I am a pauper, so really even if I have to pay like what 2000 dollars more, which I doubt it would be, but say that it is. So what? Wow, $2000 well you can't really take it with you so, yeah I don't like paying taxes, but it's not that much money for me to get hot and bothered about.

So, yeah, I don't care. And really all this is about is who's special interests gets the money. If the Democrats win then their special interests gets the money. If the Republicans win then their special interests get the money. Either way, it's not like I am going to get any money from the government and I wouldn't take it if I did. So in the end it's all about who gets to pick my pocket, and sorry, I really don't care who. It's money out of my pocket either way.

So, yeah, whatever. You aren't fighting for me GOP. You are fighting for your special interests and the Demos are fighting for their special interests, and we are going to get screwed either way. So yeah, cave, stand up makes no difference to me. Like I said, it's not like I have a horse in this race. It's not like my business depends on state funds. I wouldn't be in a business that did. You are all a bunch of hos for those who give you hundreds of dollars. The people on your PDCs (Public Disclosure forms).

Posted by: Kevin on June 23, 2013 01:48 PM
11. Really why should I care if Fain's and Hill's crony capitalist friends win or the Demos Union thug friends win? Not my hill to die on. I didn't mean that as a pun, even though it works as one. I just meant that you always hear from the Republicans that we have to "choose our battles" when it comes to defending our essential liberties and the integrity of our society. But when it comes to which side receives the government largesse these Republicans find their spines.

Don't forget Fain was one of those Republicans who voted for Gay so called Marriage. He didn't care about the expenses that would cause in our state with benes going for "spouses". But oh touch one of his bosses (big crony capitalist donors) and hear him get all self righteous.

Again what are we fighting over? A few dimes more for toothpaste. I wonder how he feels about Amnesty. How much is that going to cost? This has nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with whose special interest gets their government benes.

Well, again (and this time well aware of the pun) not my hill to die on. And we look petty here!

No wonder the Republican Party is held in such contempt. Fighting over dimes but caving over the things that in the short and long run will cost us in our society MORE than just a few dollars.

I will pay a few more cents for a pencil if it meant our society wouldn't be destroyed like Fain helped do when he voted for Gay Marriage.

I would pay a few more cent for shoelaces if only we could stop illegal immigration.

Point is if they aren't willing to die on my hill I am not willing to die on theirs. There's more to life than Money. But looking at the Republicans you wouldn't think so. That is why more and more conservatives are sitting it out until someone who really will fight for them comes about!

Posted by: Kevin on June 23, 2013 02:53 PM
12. Oh, I actually asked Fain about his position on Amnesty and you should have heard the doublespeak he tried to do there. Ultimately he relied on the whole "not a state issue" thing but yeah, as a leader in a state that would be effected (all states will be effected but Washington more than some others) we should demand more of him than "not my pay grade".

Fain is an Urbanite in a suburban district totally out of touch with his constituency (he seems to hold them in contempt). It is no surprise that he would turn out as a RINO on most issues of concern and only stand up when it's his ox (or I should say his donors ox) is gourd.

And by the way, there's a LOT of speculation about his Gay vote. The Homosexual Lobby were threatening some in Olympia with exposure. Not saying he was one of them, but if you read his statements one could see how speculation could lead to that direction. Wouldn't be the first married man to have a boi on the side in the city. It's almost stereotypical it happens so often.

We stood up in 2010 to fight for something different but we elected the same old type of self interested politician. Then we get surprised when we see what we are seeing out of Washington DC and Olympia?

Posted by: Kathy on June 23, 2013 03:14 PM
13. Crony capitalism starts with Democrats nowadays. The environmentalists want to sabotage the energy industry in favor of green energy/solar companies that failed and cost taxpayers billions ! So they did not allow natural gas and oil exploration (for those evil oil companies which is overstated) in the US to contribute much at all to the economy while the Government played favorites with the solar industry which failed for us.

The farm bill being voted down in the House was a good thing. I don't care much for the GOP House leadership, but there were too much free stuff in this bill and it did not deserve to pass. Cut backs on Food Stamps have to go - only the Democrats want a welfare state for the poor minorities and the GOP needs to stop with the corporate welfare.

Say what you will about Sen. Tom, but he has more guts and principle than a vast majority of legislators. Yeah, he is a Democrat, but a Democrat with independent principles - a rare breed indeed.

Posted by: KDS on June 23, 2013 05:08 PM
14. Senator Tom is a traitor.

It's not like he went from being a Republican to being an Independent. Nor did he go from being a Republican to like to a new party.

No he became a Democrat. Republicans might be a bunch of sell outs but its to the evil party they sell out to - the Democrats.

It's politicians like him who have driven so many of us out of the Republican Party. All before himself betraying the Party.

No, Tom is a scumbag. He is what is wrong with the Republican Party and politics in general.

I can't feel too sorry for the Republicans however. He was a monster they created. We have to destroy such lowlifes in the nub before they become so powerful.

Look, no one does anything for purely altruistic reasons, and as conservatives I don't think we really expect them too. But there must be a better mix of raw self interest and altruism. For right now all our politicians are in it it solely for their own raw self interest. There's no altruism within them at all. Not even a small bone of it.

At least not on our side. I think there is on the other side but unfortunately they are so, so wrong.

Instead of a bunch of John Adams's we are left with only Aaron Burr's (if you know anything about history you know what I mean).

Posted by: Matt on June 23, 2013 05:55 PM
15. Sen. Joe Fain, a Hill ally...

That's an interesting way to put it.

Well, if it feel good do it, that's what the young people say these days isn't it.

Gosh, Sodom has nothing over Olympia.

At least the Democrats have the honestly to admit their depravity. These politicians with their dual lives always fall apart in the end, like a house of cards, usually at the worst time for people of our beliefs

What was that one Republican Senator name? The one who became mayor of Spokane?

Posted by: Susan on June 23, 2013 07:20 PM
16. I'll take a Senator Tom over a progressive/regressive Republican anytime anyday, example; John McCain, Lindsey Graham - they are traitors who might as well be Democrats. Washington is definitely a case study, when you have two Democrats that are fiscal conservatives that side with Republicans most of the time in the Senate. Tom converted to Democrat to defeat Luke Esser, which he did - at least he is being true to his roots, with his fiscal conservatism remaining. Maybe its better that he defeated Esser, who tends to be a moderate himself.

There is a similarity with Massachusetts because of its blueness, where once in a blue moon a Republican like Scott Brown gets elected Senator, like a Rodney Tom in reverse. Could lightning strike again on Tuesday ? Maybe Gomez will defeat hack leftist Markey - in what would be a mild upset.

Posted by: KDS on June 23, 2013 07:50 PM
17. I could never support Fain. He is really a Seattle politician. He voted for Gay Marriage because he was blackmailed about being outted for the boi he is keeping in his fancy place in Seattle.

He only married for a "beard". Perhaps his wife is okay with such a deal but why should the citizens of the suburban and rural area he represents be?

Posted by: Kathy on June 23, 2013 09:36 PM
18. Oh, the name that someone was looking for - Jim West! And, what a wild, wild west he was.

So yeah, Senators like Fain isn't anything new.

Posted by: Kathy on June 23, 2013 09:42 PM
19. You have to give the devil their due. The Democrats freely admit they are degenerates so they can't be blackmailed.

But our side in Olympia are so morally comprised that the Democrats basically own the for fear that they will be outed.

Why can't a moral person get to Olympia. It seems like the Republican Gay Mafta rules the roost there.

Posted by: Susan on June 23, 2013 09:50 PM
20. Maybe Tom became a Democrat because he just didn't want to "join the men" in their Republican little group if you know what I mean.

I think if it between having to commit gay acts to be in the good graces of a cabal, or becoming Democrat, as much as I hate the Democrats I rather do that than do what the Republicans would be asking me to do.

Posted by: Susan on June 23, 2013 09:54 PM
21. @18 - You hate the Democrats because they aren't far left enough. You aren't kidding anyone. Sen. Tom gay ? Nah, maybe he's an alien.

Posted by: KDS on June 23, 2013 10:13 PM
22. I don't think that is what she was saying. I think she was saying that Tom IS NOT gay unlike the powerful Republicans in the Washington Senate seem to be.

So, because he didn't want to play their game, he choose to become a Democrat. Where there may be Gay Senators, but they are open about it and they don't seem ironically to be as perverted as people like West and I guess this Fain and Hill who try keep it secret until scandal erupts all around them because of it.

Gosh, if I ever go to the capitol building and have to go to the bathroom, I think I will leave the building and go somewhere miles away instead of using the bathrooms there. Yuk!

Posted by: Jay on June 23, 2013 10:23 PM
23. It is a sad commentary on the Republican party that indeed there are probably more Gay Republican Senators (or bisexual whatever) than Democrat Gay Senators in Olympia. You could really see that in the marriage debate if you read between the lines and saw how it all played out with the homosexual lobby threatening to "out" the Republicans if they didn't vote for it. Read how it played out with Fain (we have the internet now don't we) to see what I mean.

Posted by: June on June 23, 2013 10:31 PM
24. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_E._West_%28politician%29

Before he was mayor of Spokane he was a Washington State Senator.

It seems like that legacy didn't end with him. You could really see it with that whole thing in Olympia a few years back that several Republican Senators were threatened into voting for the Gay "Marriage" legislation for few that their activities too will be revealed to the public.

There's a lot of talk about in particular how Fain keeps a Boi in Seattle. I guess "Boi" spelled that way means something like a male who acts all feminine and such. I am not really too up on the current gay lingo.

Posted by: Kay on June 23, 2013 10:40 PM
25. KDS -- I suggest you go back to KVI's record of broadcasting "in the public interest." They spent much of the 1990s attempting to destroy the political career of Seatttle's then-Mayor, Norman Rice, by constantly broadcasting a filthy smear against his wife. (This story, obviously false, included a conspiracy theory, and the sole source was an embittered loser who had been fired from City government for incompetence. Did I mention this was on KVI?)

When Mayor Rice actually fought back, denouncing KVI's filthy rumor-mongering at a press conference, KVI promptly folded like a cheap card table, firing their on-air mouthpiece, but without ever doing anything about the culture of filth and smear they had done everything they could to inflict upon Seattle -- a city which just wanted them to shut up and go away.

So, got an example of a Democratic-run place doing anything like that to a Republican?

Posted by: tensor on June 26, 2013 09:59 PM
26. Tensor - YOU LIE

The rumor was indeed true and was common knowledge by those in the know (the definition of an "Open Secret").


Except once. Michael Seigel interviewed a talk show host from ANOTHER RADIO STATION east of the Mountains. It was that person who mentioned it.


Since you have told Tensor something that was indeed easily, and unquestionably proven as false that by definition, not by opinion, but by definition makes you a liar!

Posted by: Alex on June 27, 2013 01:48 PM
27. I am so FUCKING TIED of people like Tensor getting away with Complete LIES!

I know this remark is going to be removed because of language. But Tensor's remark should be removed to because it was a deliberate lie.


If KVI was going around spreading that rumor, why would Seigel have been fired when SOMEONE ELSE mentioned it on his program! FIRED IMMEDIATELY!

No, this is not a difference of Opinion. This is a DELIBERATE LIE and DELIBERATE attempt to change History. Yeah, I know you are going to remove this post but if you had any decency you would remove this SLUR against KVI as well!

If I remember right the Spokane Talk Show host who Seigel had on to interview didn't even go into detail but just said something like we in Spokane have heard about what has been going on in Seattle with the Mayor. But even that vague reference by someone else on his program was enough to end Seigel's Career at KVI immediately and PERMANENTLY. (He never was on 570 from that day onward.)

And then they fired Carlson because of the stand he took on a diversity initiative that Fisher Broadcasting was against. That happened a few years later but Wilbur misled his audience about the true nature of the firings.

And from there it was all downhill.

But of course Tensor's comments are going to be allowed? Even though they are complete lies?

This is why the fucking Left wins time after time after time. People like you allow them to lie!

FUCK IT. I Hate liberals like Tensor, but I hate even more "conservatives" like you who think it "sporting" to allow your opponent to use your forum to spread lies but immediate suppress differences of opinions coming from you from the right!

Posted by: Ian on June 27, 2013 02:04 PM
28. That cost Seigel his CAREER!

Even though he wasn't even the one who said it.

Even though the guy didn't even go into detail and really explained it to the people of Seattle (who really didn't know what he was talking about because only insiders knew about it).

Next day, no Seigel.

But for that KVI gets accused of "spreading it".

Can't win can they.

Not that I am a fan of KVI. They then went on to fire Carlson for supporting I200 (against preferential hiring on basis of race). Fisher always kept somewhat a lid on the hosts fully taking on the Leftist establishment.

I don't think a Leftist Organization would even correct one of their commentators even if what their commentators said was false. No, they would eat it up.

And again, it wasn't Seigel but a guy he was interviewing from Spokane, and even then he just said something like "we have heard about the Seattle Mayor East of the Mountain" (Yeah because KVI as well as every other news organization West of the Mountains had suppressed it from being told West of the Mountains) Most of the audience didn't have a clue even what he was talking about because he said it so quickly and so vaguely!

For that Seigel never was allowed to set foot at Fisher broadcasting EVER AGAIN, but Tensor still has the nerve to say that KVI spread it (throughout the 1990s whatever that means).

This is not a difference of opinion. This is a direct and purposeful lie for which tensor should be PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM SOUND POLITICS.

Unless you want someone to accuse Sound Politics of "Spreading it" (Though the teens).

Posted by: Steve on June 27, 2013 02:21 PM
29. I know you can block people from posting to this blog.

If Tensor ever is allowed to post here again I will accuse YOU of "Spreading it through the whole 2010-2019s"

You allow the Left to do things on this blog YOU WOULD NEVER TOLERATE from the RIGHT


This is a complete attempt to rewrite history through deliberately and so transparently LYING!

You would never tolerate it from the RIGHT!


Posted by: Ian on June 27, 2013 02:32 PM
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