February 26, 2013
Michael Ramirez Explains The Sequester Fight

Clearly enough so that even Washington's senior senator, Patty Murray, could understand it.

If she wanted to.

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(Yes, the second pie is 67 percent wider than the first, rather than having 40 percent more area, or even volume.  I wouldn't do that in a formal report, but I think it is fine in a cartoon, where everyone expects exaggeration.)

Correction: I originally wrote that the second pie was 40 percent wider than the first.  On my screen, the first is about 3 centimeters wide, the second 5, so the second is 67 percent wider than the first.  I've corrected the mistake in the text.

Thanks to an alert reader for catching my mistake.

Those who have read that little classic, How to Lie with Statistics, may realize that I was thinking that Ramirez had made a common chart mistake, but he didn't; he just exaggerated as cartoonists often do.

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