March 02, 2011
Seattle School Board to fire Superintendent, CFO (III)

In 2007 when the Seattle School Board was considering Maria Goodloe-Johnson for Superintendent, I remarked that she was a "non-finisher", having

held her job [in Charleston, SC] only three and a half years and is barely half-way through her 6-year "Plan for Excellence".
My comment:
you'd think that the Board would want a Superintendent who's had a track record of substantial accomplishments over time, or at least finishes what they start.
She's lasted exactly three and a half years here too, and is barely half-way through her 5-year "Excellence for All" plan.

And how Excellent are we All? Per the latest "Report Card", "Excellence" means, for example, that 80% of 4th graders are "proficient on the state math test" by 2013. Since 2008, that percentage has risen from 56% to 62% -- sufficient to be declared, with only 3 of 22 other targets, as "On-Track for 2013".

The fraud in the system is much bigger than $1.8 million.

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at March 02, 2011 04:32 PM | Email This
1. Huh. Never completing a full term before moving on (sounds like our current CIC as well!). Nothing too special there. After all, it's the motives behind your actions that count, not what you actually accomplish. She meant well, so time to move on to the next well-meaning project.

Posted by: Shanghai Dan on March 2, 2011 06:56 PM
2. The NEA would be proud. They got a bureaucrat to carry their Progressive Education Policy water and that's all that matters.

Posted by: Jeff B. on March 2, 2011 10:05 PM
3. Yes, a segment of their leftist agenda, Jeff B, but certainly not "all that matters". Goodloe-Johnson is a black woman, and simply another Affirmative Action placement, just like our president. Race, gender and agenda trump qualifications, integrity and competence any day in the twisted political realm of liberals and leftists.

Think the Seattle School District would consider a white man for the Superintendent position...even if he were by far the best candidate? Never in a million years.

Posted by: Saltherring on March 3, 2011 07:04 AM
4. I remember reading a newspaper article when Seattle was looking for a new Superintendent. The superintendent search team was quoted in the newspaper as saying they were looking for a female person of color - and this was before the application period was over.

I would have fired them on the spot, but then again, they were probably ordered by the board of directors to seek such a result. It's a little bit different out here in the hicks where our minority population isn't large. The search team comes in and says they don't think this person would be a good fit because of gender/or race and we tell them we don't care if they are a transexual martian, if they are the best qualified for the job we want them.

I guess in enlightened Seattle, the Council of School Officials (as Ayn Rand would likely call them) are infinitely wise and their prejudgement should be ordained as just and moral and beneficial to all personkind and if they so desire a female person of color, then that person will be the best for the job.

Posted by: doug on March 7, 2011 10:55 PM
5. Before I get in trouble I should correct what I just said, the search firm said they were looking for a 'woman or person of color' not a 'female person of color'. My memory isn't that good, I think maybe right afterward I thought, hey, two birds with one stone.

Posted by: doug on March 7, 2011 11:01 PM
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