December 04, 2009
An Obama Variant Of The "Can't Swim" Joke

There's an old, old joke, told about many politicians, and news organizations.  I've told it myself once or twice, even on my site.

Here's an almost up-to-date version of the joke:

President Bush visits the Seattle area.  One of his aides suggest that he do something to impress the local journalists.  So Bush walks on water across Lake Washington to make his speech.  The next day, the Seattle Times headline reads:  "Bush Can't Swim in Lake Washington" and the Seattle PI headline reads:  "Water Polluted by Bush's Business Cronies Prevents Him from Swimming in Lake Washington".

James Taranto was wondering how you could adapt this old joke to President Obama, and came up with this:

Trying to formulate a counterpart gag for Bush's successor, we're thinking along these lines: Reporters arrive for a White House news conference to find that the floor of the press room is covered in water, half an inch deep.  A dripping President Obama arrives at the lectern, and the first question is about the water.  Obama explains that he had been trying to fix a clogged toilet near the Oval Office but ended up breaking a pipe and flooding the entire West Wing.

The next day, the newspaper headline reads, "Obama Walks on Water."

If you are a "mainstream" journalist, and don't understand that joke, then you need to get out more often.

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Posted by Jim Miller at December 04, 2009 12:23 PM | Email This
1. Jokes that need to be understood are rarely funny.

To be funny, jokes need a modicum of truth.
Wonder why wildly popular comedians never made anything of the "Bush Walks on Water." variety of joke during his 8 years?
Wonder why Bush apologists seem so bent on trying to get traction on the "Obama Walks on Water." genre of attack?

Must be the ACORN

Posted by: MikeBoyScout on December 4, 2009 12:48 PM
2. The most incredible part of that joke is believing Obama would ever actually attempt to unclog a toilet. I can picture Michelle doing something like that way before Barack. Afterall, everyone knows she wears the pants in the family.

Posted by: Rick D. on December 4, 2009 12:54 PM
3. @2 Rick D. on December 4, 2009 12:54 PM

"Afterall [sic], everyone knows she wears the pants in the family"

BRAVO! for continuing the theme, but....
while the Obama in dress visual would correspond to the Obama is Messiah meme, it doesn't move the ball much and there is no value at all in knocking around attempt to unclog a toilet.

Another problem with jokes you need to understand is that some just can't.

Posted by: MikeBoyScout on December 4, 2009 02:24 PM
4. A dripping President Obama arrives at the lectern, and the first question is about the water. Obama explains that he had been trying to fix a clogged toilet near the Oval Office but ended up breaking a pipe and flooding the entire West Wing.

Yes, and while bungling around trying to fix our clogged national economy, he's managed to $oak the tax paying citizens of this country even worse.

Posted by: Rick D. on December 4, 2009 03:41 PM
5. We all saw last summer at the baseball all-star game that Obama throws like a girl. The media tried to cover it up but we saw it. The guy never played street football or baseball as a kid. He can't even throw. The media says he's a good basketball player. I have my doubts. Remember him bowling? He's worse than I am and I am a dreadful bowler.

Would Obama have a clue what to do if his toilet backed up? Why is it I think he wouldn't? Could he find the oil dipstick in his car? I'm sure he'd be entirely useless if his neighbor had a dead battery and needed a jump start.

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on December 4, 2009 07:03 PM
6. With the economy flagging, high unemployment and Obama blaming GWB for everything, while continuing many of his worst policies, the joke is on those who voted for Obama.

Posted by: Jeff B. on December 4, 2009 08:21 PM
7. Obama and his liberal friends couldn't have wished for a more perfect situation in 2008. A lame duck Republican President that had been hammered by the media for 8 years. An economy that tanked a month before the election. A weak Republican candidate who bought the left's global warming scam and opposed drilling for our own oil. And of course the historical significance of electing the first African American President.

Many voters had no idea they were voting for the most far left candidate in history. Obama and his advisors artfully hid that during his campaign. Republicans didn't have the courage to point out Obama's radical past.

Once in office Obama immediately revealed that he is a far left liberal. Americans get it now, and as the polls show they wouldn't vote for Obama or any Democrat.

The ugly reality for liberals is that they make up perhaps 20% of the population. They think they are the majority when they live in places such as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, or New York. They look down on the rest of the country and consider them irrelevant. The people that repair their cars, fix their plumbing, grow their food, and build their houses.

Well guess what. Thanks to Obama Americans are figuring out what kinds of creeps now make up the Democratic Party. We should probably thank him.

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on December 4, 2009 09:46 PM
8. Ok - Here is the next version of the longest sentence.

IMMHO, couple the relationship of Ayers with Obama,

along with Ayers attendance at the World Education Forum in Venezuela and his comments there,

along with Zelaya trying to act like a Chavez,

along with Obama accusing Honduras of a Coup rather than following their Constitution,

along with Obama trying to withhold millions of dollars from the current Honduras government,

along with Obama trying to force Health Care without discussion,

along with Obama forcing the stimulus bill without discussion,

along with Obama allowing the Kennedy Library Pork in the Defense Bill,

along with Obama having a $1.42 Trillion dollar deficit in FY 2009,

along with Obama trying to raise everyone's gas and electricity prices with Cap and Trade,

along with Obama supporting David Sunstein who published a new book about "Rumors,"

along with Obama not firing Kevin Jennings for being an admitted child statutory rapist,

along with Obama hiring Anita Dunn, a Mao Tse-tung enthusiast,

along with Obama and Anita Dunn "rarely communicating anything to the press unless it was "controlled"",

along with Obama and his White House urging other news organization to stop "following Fox",

along with David Axelrod lying and declaring that Fox is "not a news organization.",

along with Anita Dunn branding "Fox "opinion journalism masquerading as news." ",

along with Obama refusing to have any of his staff appear on Fox News to discuss Obama's wrong views of Fox News,

along with Obama continuing to declare war on a News organization rather focusing on critical issues,

along with Obama and Anita Dunn being surprised that Fox News checks their facts even on Sunday shows,

along with Obama allowing his Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, to lie about Fox News not being Newsworthy,

along with Obama paying Brazil millions of dollars for off-shore drilling and not doing the same for the United States,

along with Obama refusing to increase our baseline power with more use of Coal,

along with Obama and his Czars pushing for a Fairness Doctrine replacement,

along with Obama passing incorrect judgment on a White Police Officer,

along with Obama proposing to change 9/11 to a National Service Day,

along with Obama apologizing to other countries for America's positions on issues,

along with Obama not advancing Nuclear power even though he was for it during his campaign,

along with Obama driving up Federal Construction Project costs with a Union only PLA in NH,

along with Obama hiring Van Jones, Kevin Jennings and other CZARs without vetting by the Senate,

along with Obama trying to close Guantanamo and turn War Prisoners into the equivalent of American citizens,

along with Obama spewing he would not condone Pork but then signs a bill with thousands of Pork items,

along with Obama and his party spewing he would have transparency during his Term but not,

along with Obama politicizing any knowledge of ACORN problems or ACORN Federal funding,

along with Obama increasing the United States National Debt beyond support from other countries,

along with Obama stifling Free Speech with the Humana and other insurance companies Gag Order,

along with Obama and his administration stifling Free Speech by accusing Fox News of being a wing of the Republican Party,

along with Obama negotiating "the most intrusive weapons inspection program the U.S. has ever accepted with Russia",

along with Obama refusing the dictionary definition of 'TAX',

along with Obama not coming down on Sharpton and Jackson for "fueling the flames of racial hatred further dividing us.",

along with Obama allowing a $529M loan to Fisker Automotive, a Finland company,

along with Obama cutting Border Patrol deployment on the Mexican border,

along with Obama dithering and stalling his General's manpower requests for Afghanistan for four months,

along with Obama not meeting with the British Prime Minister,

along with Obama campaigning and supporting the Public Option in Health Care,

along with Obama not supporting his Campaign promises to limit tax increases,

along with Obama failing as a leader to get the Olympics to be hosted in Chicago in 2016,

along with Obama failing to acknowledge or help fix Black-on-Black crimes,

along with Obama being responsible for firing Gerald Walpin, IG, after he objected to an Obama ally in Sacramento,

along with Obama continuing his campaign over the last ten months rather than leading,

along with Obama not fixing the Unemployment Rate of 17.5%,

along with Obama spewing he needs an unconstitutional "Civilian National Security Force",

along with Obama withdrawing missile defense from Poland without consulting with Poland,

along with Obama contemplating and espousing he has fixed the economy with his Stimulus package,

along with Obama's stimulus package not creating jobs for our young workers and Small Businesses,

along with Obama having closed talks with three Senators on Health Care plans,

along with Obama lying in his campaign about posting Bills online for five days,

along with Obama campaigning about no more secrecy with Pork and Lobbyists,

along with Obama having one of the most liberal Senate voting records,

along with Obama not honoring the Ft Hood dead soldiers in a separate speech the day Hasan killed them,

along with Obama making a "Shout Out", confusing The Medal of Honor with the Medal of Freedom at the Tribal Leaders Conference,

along with Obama campaigning that it was "above my pay grade" to answer a question about when is a baby entitled to human rights,

along with Obama saying that his Health Care Plan will not increase our National debt and will create jobs,

along with Obama attending a late night talk show and making a "Special Olympics gaffe",

along with Obama refusing to say that Hasan is a home grown Jihadist Terrorist,

along with Obama voting "No" on Senate Bill 1662 ( 9 ), Born Alive Infant Protection Act,

along with Obama approving the change of the term "Terrorism" to "Man Caused Disaster",

along with Obama's speech at the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and President Reagan was not mentioned,

along with Obama approving that Air Force 1 could fly low over a 'scared' New York City for Photography,

along with Obama forcing an institution to cover all it's Christian icons before a speech,

along with Obama not including the 14th victim of the Hasan massacre,

along with Obama stating he had been to 57 states,

along with Obama politically shunning the Dali Lama visit,

along with Obama's Science Czar being involved with 'ClimateGate',

along with Obama receiving the "Nobel Peace Prize" for doing absolutely nothing,

along with Obama buying off one lone Republican with promises he probably will not keep,

along with Obama bowing to the Saudi King,

along with Obama bowing to the Chinese leader,

along with Obama campaigning about lobbyists but hiring and having multiple lobbyists meet with him and his staff,

along with Obama as a Senator stating that KSM radicals would be tried in a full Military Court; but he has agreed to the NYC Civil trial,

along with Obama and his Stimulus Job Creation Mentors unable to accurately determine how many jobs were created or saved,

along with Obama mentioning "My Muslim Faith" in a speech,

along with Obama apologizing to the world because we are the the greatest country in the world,

along with Obama putting off the meeting with Netanyahu until the last possible moment,

along with Obama not officially publishing the Netanyahu/Obama meeting photos,

along with Obama failing to invite Small Businesses and The United States Chamber of Commerce to his Job Summit,

along with Obama refusing to reveal any of his grades, any of his college papers, and his original birth certificate,

and the result is almost irrefutable evidence of Obama, his background, and current presidency being so extremely suspect, that he should have not been elected our President.

Posted by: Tim on December 4, 2009 11:01 PM
9. Perhaps Zerobama should have called "Mike the Plumber", from his campaign days. Mike could have, while repairing the toilet, filled our resident Marxist in on how to fix the economy.

Posted by: Saltherring on December 5, 2009 06:44 AM
10. Actual & funny jokes:

"Tea Party Nation announced last week that Sarah Palin will headline what is being called the first national tea party convention in February. It is expected to be the nation's largest-ever gathering of misspelled signs."
---Seth Meyers
President Obama in Oslo: I'm living testimony to the moral force of non-violence...the creed and lives of Gandhi and King. But as a head of state, sworn to protect and defend my nation, I cannot be guided by their examples alone. ... Our challenge is reconciling these two seemingly inreconcilable truths---we can understand that there will be war and still strive for peace.
Jon Stewart: Unghh!! Ungghh!! Obama forcing us to live in area between absolutes. BRAIN HURTS! COMPLICATED!!!
---The Daily Show
"In Toledo, Ohio, a man attacked a Salvation Army bell ringer, grabbed his red kettle, threw it in the back of his truck, yelled, 'I hate Christmas,' and drove off. Here's my question: What is Dick Cheney doing in Toledo, Ohio?"
---Jay Leno
"Rush Limbaugh says that black people are depressed because President Obama isn't doing a very good job. Proving once again that no one has their finger on the pulse of the African-American community like Rush Limbaugh."
---Conan O'Brien
"Let me just say that I'm not bailing on the president---I'm just getting a little worried. Mr. President, remember "Yes We Can, Yes We Can"? Well I wish you would.
---Wanda Sykes
"A guy in Las Vegas is suing Caesars Palace for losing $125 million gambling. Lehman Bros. heard about it and said, 'Amateur.'"
---David Letterman
"After Fox was caught introducing footage supposedly from a Sarah Palin book signing but actually from last year's presidential campaign, the top brass at Fox News sent an internal memo stating, 'Effective immediately, there is a zero-tolerance policy for on-screen errors.' Fox, what are you doing??? You're 'fair' and 'balanced.' To be fair, you have to balance every fact with corresponding bullshit!"
---Stephen Colbert

Posted by: Actually Funny Jokes on December 11, 2009 03:59 PM
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