October 01, 2009
ACORN, SEIU, Representative Dunshee, And Representative McCoy

Not quite in bed together, but awfully close.

(This morning, I learned that people, presumably people in this area, had nominated Joel Connelly, Jim Brunner, Curt Woodward, Rachel La Corte, and Chris Grygiel as Washington state's best "state-based political reporters".  I would bet that these five are, even now, racing to cover this story, racing to show that this proximity is accidental, or that there are strong ties between ACORN and the rest.  Either conclusion would be the basis for a fine story.

And I would bet that their editors are urging them to work faster, so that they won't be beaten — again — by a few humble bloggers.

You can comment at the Evergreen site, if you have something to add to this story.)

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