March 16, 2009
Three Keepers

As you probably have heard already, the Seattle PI will publish its last print edition tomorrow, and will become a pure on-line newspaper.

As such, it will need far fewer staff.  There are two current employees and a contributor, that, were I running the newspaper, I would try hard to keep.

Bill Virgin, of course.  He's simply the best business reporter in this area.  And he sees the whole area, unlike many other local journalists, who are far too Seattle-centric, far too fixed on our reactionary central city.  (If you are not familiar with Virgin, you can find his recent columns here.  I particularly liked the three on farming, Longview development, and the stimulus.)

Editorial page editor Mark Trahant.  He and I probably disagree more often than not on candidates and issues.  But he is open-minded, especially for a journalist, and remarkably civil when so many aren't.  And he has been willing to admit mistakes.  Those shouldn't be unusual characteristics in journalists — but they are.

Contributor Karen Sykes.  Since 1996, she has been writing about hikes in this area for the Seattle PI.  What I have liked about her weekly pieces is that they are just about the hikes.  She seems to think — and I would agree — that a hike is enough by itself, and does not need politics, philosophy, or whatever, slathered on to keep our interest.  That's refreshing.   (Here's her most recent hike.)  At her web site, she says that she plans to continue writing about hikes — and I plan to check it regularly.

No doubt there are other keepers at the paper, but these three stand out for me.

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(Some will inevitably wonder whether there are any PI employees that I think should have been dropped long ago.  One or two, perhaps, but this does not seem an appropriate time to mention them.)

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