March 16, 2009
Know Any Good Northwest Blogs?

I have started (finally!) on the long-promised site revision, and am beginning by revising my list of Northwest blogs, which you can see on the left side of my site.  If you know of other blogs that should be on that list, please email me, with a link.  I am particularly interested in finding leftist blogs — that are family friendly.   (Blogs that aren't family friendly, that, for instance, habitually include obscene words, I keep in a separate, "R-Rated" group.)

For the record:  The Northwest includes the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.  I am
most interested in blogs that cover politics in this area, especially blogs where I can learn something,
at least occasionally.

Cross posted at Jim Miller on Politics.

(If you are on my list, please check the entry, and let me know if you find any errors.  This time
around, I am trying to use the blog names, rather than the names of the blog owners, so some entries
will look different.  Some blogs, where there have been no posts for more than a year, I have moved to a
"Dormant" category.)

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