July 02, 2008
The Public Shaming They So Richly Deserve

The organizers of the Seafair Marathon are very, very, very, very high on my list of people I'm not impressed with at the current time.

Let's see:

Failure to provide adequate transportation for runners to get from their assembly point to the starting line?


Causing said stranded runners to miss at least half the race?


Choosing NOT to refund the entry fee of those runners left stranded by your error?


Not having enough water for the runners on the course?


And here is perhaps the most troubling line demonstrating lack of common sense:

Though organizers brought in more water because of the large turnout and the weather forecast, some complained that water supplies were low at some points along the race.

Many runners also strained supplies by dumping water on their heads to stay cool, [Seafair President Beth] Knox said.

Anyone with even the vaguest notions of long-distance road races - heck just watch TV coverage of a marathon or triathalon - knows runners often dump cups of water along the course on their heads to cool off. Where has Knox been?

Putting together an event which requires that much training from the participants in advance and then bungling matters so badly is simply not acceptable. Thus, the point of this post is simply to magnify the fact that the organizers of the Seafair Marathon deserve all the public shaming they receive.

Posted by Eric Earling at July 02, 2008 07:59 AM | Email This
1. I skipped the marathon and went bike riding in Kent instead. I was celebrating "Straight Pride" weekend by oogling all the bikini clad Ukrainian girls at Lake Meridian.

PS -- My middle name? Oh yea, I changed it to Sidney.

Sort of like these guys:

Obama Supporters Take His Name as Their Own

Posted by: John "Sidney" Bailo on July 2, 2008 08:03 AM
2. Guess they assumed 'real runners' would be tough enough not to worry 'bout such trivial matters. My people would run for miles and miles without water or transportation and sans whining. Of course we were more in tune with mother nature back then and admitedly we didn't have to pay a fee to any paleface's.

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 08:08 AM
3. Not Cool!

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 08:14 AM
4. Seafair President Beth Knox showed just how little she had learned from this situation, when she was quoted in the Seattle Times about next years race. "The last shuttle to the starting line MAY leave earlier, and the organizers MAY add additional shuttles."

I would have loved to have been in the room when Beth Knox and company came to the conclusion that they would tell the runners, "You can't have your money back, but we will donate half of your money to OUR charity."

Posted by: Moondoggie on July 2, 2008 08:17 AM
5. You've never run on hot street before have you?
and your medical back ground is in what?

Posted by: Army Medic/Vet on July 2, 2008 08:17 AM
6. #2 NS.

That question was for you.

(You've never run on hot street before have you?
and your medical back ground is in what?)

Posted by: Army Medic/Vet on July 2, 2008 08:22 AM
7. I am a distance runner. I would have been very upset if I was planning to take a shuttle to the start. That is often the case with point to point marathons. And when you screw up bad, you don't then blame it on the runners (your customers.)

Special mention also goes to WSDOT. Inflexible government, right when you need to solve a problem.

I think Seafair is kind of lame now. It really does not reflect the elitist, apathetic, progressive personality that Seattle has adopted. They should move the events to Tacoma, or Everett or some other Puget Sound City where there would be more enthusiasm.

Posted by: Jeff B. on July 2, 2008 08:24 AM
8. Medic, I don't think NS is Indian like he pretends. He is a leftist plant posting to disgrace this site and the rest of us.

His ignorance showed when he talked about Indians running all day. Which is true, but not at marathon runner's pace.

Posted by: swatter on July 2, 2008 08:24 AM
9. Thanks swatter. I figured as much, but looks like we have another Cato, so I would love to take him down a bit. (-:

Posted by: Army Medic/Vet on July 2, 2008 08:27 AM
10. Well I can assure you I'm of North American Native descent so enough of that. Medic: I do not have a medical background but I have run many a marathon in my life much to the dismay of my knees. I was posting rather tongue-in-cheek and teasing Eric a bit with the point being that for the sake of a charitable cause whining is not needed.

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 08:38 AM
11. swatter: also, not without water, except when necessary, which usually wasn't.

Posted by: pudge on July 2, 2008 08:39 AM
12. NS,

By "my people" I assume you are referring to Siberian Americans. I read that Zulu warriors could run fifty miles, and then fight a battle at the end. I seriously doubt that Siberian Americans could ever accomplish such a feat. Siberian Americans would be too busy slipping and sliding in bullsh*t. Speaking of whining, maybe you would like to make a few more comments on the clown feature. ROFL. : )

Posted by: NW Denizen on July 2, 2008 08:44 AM
13. Ridicule is nothing new to me. When I ran I was responsible for and carried my own water and didn't depent on the man to do it for me. I was not in it to win by any means but enjoyed the exhiliration of running. I would ask that you respect my heritage. I am of the Mi'kmaq (paleface spelling: Micmac) tribe and proud of it.

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 08:49 AM
14. NS


Yes I've noticed most of your post are.

Lacking real fact seems to be your best trait.

Posted by: Army Medic/Vet on July 2, 2008 08:53 AM
15. Everyone.

What ever happened to the bones the found by the river(kenwickman) ??

Didn't the tribes wanted them put away ASAP because they were not from this area.

Posted by: Army Medic/Vet on July 2, 2008 08:56 AM
16. NativeSon. Hm. Before you said you didn't need water. Now you said you had water.

Which is it?

Posted by: pudge on July 2, 2008 08:56 AM
17. I was going to enter but my hamstrings did not allow it. I don't see how they can get around refunding those entry fees if it was their mistake. If that stands, I won't enter next year.
There are plenty of other marathons around.

Posted by: russell garrard on July 2, 2008 08:56 AM
18. Was this race organized by Christine Gregoire or the department of transportation by chance?

Posted by: jk on July 2, 2008 08:57 AM
19. #16 Well you got me on that technicality.
I should have clarified that I didn't need water provided by the man, as I would always provide it (actually GatorAid & water) for myself. I tended to always be prepared as best I could for any eventuality when running long distances. Like I said I enjoyed running and was never very competitive about it.

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 09:04 AM
20. NS
water provided by the man


Your a FOOL!

O-well shall we get back to the race.

Posted by: Army Medic/Vet on July 2, 2008 09:07 AM
21. NativeSon. Hm. Before you said you didn't need water. Now you said you had water.

Which is it?

Posted by: pudge on July 2, 2008 09:09 AM
22. NS,

You're full of crap. There's really no other way to put it.

You carried your own water? During 'many a marathon'? Bullshit.

And you'll predictably argue this and that about whatever. No marathon runner carries his or her own water. None. Ever.

Posted by: jimg on July 2, 2008 09:43 AM
23. One need not be a SWAY to run a marathon kimo-sabe. [Spandex White American Yuppy]

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 09:54 AM
24. I've run the Seafair Half Marathon several times over the past few years. When I saw this year that they had changed the course and were going to rely on shuttle buses to transport runners to the start line, I decided to skip it because I was concerned this very thing might happen.

Posted by: Tim on July 2, 2008 09:59 AM
25. NativeSon, I doubt that you are a runner or ever have been. Since running is such a universal sport, runners are a pretty much color-blind lot and would not engage in the race-baiting that you do here. Have a nice day.

Posted by: russell garrard on July 2, 2008 10:06 AM
26. 23. And you demand that I respect your heritage? Bwahahahahahahahah..ROFLMFAO!

Posted by: NW Denizen on July 2, 2008 10:07 AM
27. NativeSon,

Our people (yes, I'm 1/16th Suquamish) never ran across Lake Washington, either... In fact, if you knew the history of our people here in the Pacific Northwest coast, you'd know we really didn't run much here at all - too much undergrowth and thick forests. Much more use of rivers, and shorter runs with hikes between.

Posted by: Shanghai Dan on July 2, 2008 10:11 AM
28. Just simply pointing out that runners do not come stereotyped. And yes I've been a runner most of my life however I've had to cut back considerably now because of my knees. I'm not asking any of you to believe or not believe me; I really could care less but I can assure you I do not speak with forked tongue. Peace my brothers, you would do well to be more tolerant and accepting of others.

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 10:15 AM
29. We didn't provide transportation as promised. We won't give you a refund. We'll donate half your fee to our charity. Does Seafair President Beth Knox work for the airlines?

Posted by: Touchstone on July 2, 2008 10:25 AM
30. NativeSon, you throw out racial insults ("One need not be a SWAY to run a marathon kimo-sabe. [Spandex White American Yuppy]"), and then advise me to "be more tolerant and accepting of others???" Have a nice day.

Posted by: russell garrard on July 2, 2008 10:37 AM
31. I noticed that too, Russelll... lots of lingo (forked tongue, kimosabe, paleface) that they claim offends then posts a pic that he whines is 'not cool'. Confused guy.... but then again he carries his own water so maybe he's just species confused and is really a camel!

ps: Spouse is 1/4 Iroquois, which makes kids 1/8th... none have claimed or used that tribal heritage to their educational or financial benefit...

Posted by: Ragnar Danneskjold on July 2, 2008 10:58 AM
32. NS, the Indians I know don't talk Tonto and the Lone Ranger type of language. Personally, I think it very demeaning to me and the Indians I know.

Can you tone down a bit? Keep on posting, but keep the Tonto and Lone Ranger toned down.

Posted by: swatter on July 2, 2008 11:49 AM
33. #32 I can appreciate that and I will certainly consider it. I mean no offense and I would joyfully cease and desist all references if only society would do likewise with it's connotations and close denotations to redskins, savages, etc., et al. Thank you for a civil response.

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 11:53 AM
34. NS
Thank you for a civil response.


Remember that statement dude!
"your civil words"

(water provided by the man)
(My people)

Posted by: Army Medic/Vet on July 2, 2008 12:13 PM
35. I agree with many of the sentiments here railing on Knox and the overall lack of organization in this race. I skipped it this year partly because I experienced difficulties getting to the start via their buses as well the last two years (marathon relay). It seems the lessons haven't been learned.

Any numbhead with an ounce of experience in distance races knows that runners pour water on their heads and will consume a decent amount of it, particularly in hot weather. The forecast for heat wasn't a secret.

This was (as it always seems to be with them) another failure. If these people can't get their stuff straight then they should leave it to people that actually know what they're doing.

Posted by: Matt on July 2, 2008 12:25 PM
36. To me NativeSon seems like yet another incarnation of WVH, John McDonald, David Mattews, etc.

Best to simply ignore the johnny-come-lately trolls like NativeSon. If you don't respond, they go away.

Posted by: Jeff B. on July 2, 2008 01:39 PM
37. Jeff B--
That's exactly who he is...Dave Matthews.
I figured that out last week.
Way too many phrase & style similiarities.

If only we paid higher taxes and let the government handle things like this Race...there would never be these kinds of problems!
The entry fee would probably be $500 if Gregoire's goons handled it.

Posted by: Mr. Cynical on July 2, 2008 01:45 PM

You guys are right. Stop talking with him

Posted by: Army Medic/Vet on July 2, 2008 02:20 PM
39. I think NS is actually DM after hitting the fire water.

Posted by: JDH on July 2, 2008 02:35 PM
40. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to come up with that stigma. Wow. Is it all right there festering inside you. Thats sad.

Posted by: NativeSon on July 2, 2008 02:40 PM
41. Jeff @36, you are right.

Posted by: russell garrard on July 3, 2008 08:34 AM
42. Good thing they held the race a week before L&I's new Heat Stress Rule went into effect . Among the requirements for the new rule is one quart of water per hour per employee - oh wait, they only foist that kind of crap on business.

Posted by: D Doyle on July 3, 2008 10:33 AM
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Posted by: etkap jrfngczmt on July 6, 2008 01:40 AM
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