December 15, 2006
Crazy People in the News

David Horsey takes a look a little Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the tyke-like tyrant from Tehran. Meanwhile, little Mahmoud tells Time, "no country in the world looks upon America as a friend." Uh huh.

Little Mahmoud also says, "Everyone knows that the Zionist regime is a tool in the hands of the United States and British governments." Hmm. Ironic since a certain former President seems to come close to thinking things are the other way around.

Come to think of it, I've changed my mind. Let's talk to little Mahmoud. That'll solve everything in Iraq.

[Insert profanity laden disgust toward the ISG here]

Posted by Eric Earling at December 15, 2006 07:27 AM | Email This
1. There's a reason why nations don't look at the US as a friend. We told South Vietnam's people we would protect them from the Communists. America was doing just that, but than John Kerry and his leftist friends came along and the world learned that it's not really what the elected goverment in America says. It's what the American
leftists say and the American leftists will always side with the Communists. 58,000 plus names on the Vietnam Wall defending South Vietnam. American leftists, led by John Kerry say, We Surrender. North Vietnam is declared by American leftists to be the winner.
Fast forward, 2003, Pres Bush tells the world
we are going to defeat Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
American military goes in, Saddam Hussein is found hiding in a rathole, tried by his own countrymen and sentenced to hang. American leftists jump up and down, screaming we lose, America is wrong, America can never win. We have to find a way to surrender.
Why would anyone, whose life depended on it think America would protect them.

Posted by: Pagar on December 15, 2006 10:18 AM
2. Should we not have talked with the Soviet Union either?

Posted by: Bruce on December 15, 2006 11:11 AM
3. Who needs the ISG recommendations since everyone knows (

our President's policy there is working so darned well. Maybe our diplomat-in-chief can make things even better by calling Ahmadinejad a pygmy

Posted by: bartelby on December 15, 2006 11:35 AM
4. Bruce: We didn't really talk to the Soviets. We simply outspent them into oblivion. And then, too, the liberals were against it, said it would launch us into a nuclear war. And what happened? Why, I guess Gorbachev did take down that wall, didn't he?

Posted by: katomar on December 15, 2006 09:29 PM
5. Katomar, we didn't talk to the Soviets? Then how did all those arms treaties come about?

And the arms race was just part of the reason why the Soviet economy collapsed. I would think a good conservative would understand that their economy was unsustainable regardless of military spending.

Posted by: Bruce on December 15, 2006 10:49 PM
6. The arms treaties came about government to government. Leftist American senators are not the official voice of our government foreign policy and undermine the ability of our government to do what it is supposed to do.

Posted by: pagar on December 16, 2006 04:20 AM
7. My question is "what exactly is there to negotiate about?"

One can negotiate with someone who has some flexibilty in their demands and there is some sort of win-win end available.

What kind of win-win is available with a radical Muslim who wishes to see the West and Israel dead (or forcibly converted)? And how does a bunch of "infidels" like us make any deal with Muslims, whose Holy Book says that no promise to an infidel is binding upon Muslims?

Do we offer to do aome sort of Jamestown-like mass suicide? Do we offer to let them kill the Jews first and just hope it placatesthem long enough to slide the problem of when they come for us down off onto the kids or grandkids?

Posted by: krm on December 16, 2006 08:43 AM
8. Bruce:
Why do you suppose the Islam fanatics were voicing hopes that the Democrats/liberals won during hte last election? Why do you suppose they hate Bush so much? Why do you suppose Iran and Syria really, really want to talk to these foolish, egocentric senators and congressmen. Could it be because they know they can be fooled? Could it be because they know the congressmen and senators will cave, do anything to appease?

Posted by: katomar on December 16, 2006 09:11 AM
9. Generally, my comments are on the education threads. There is a benefit to reading widely. The battle in all societies, at present, is really about education. Reading about the curriculum in Palestinian schools got me interested in curriculums in general. The following article from the LA Times is illustrative of my point:


Why they deny the Holocaust
On top of nearly constant anti-Semitic propaganda, much of the Muslim world hasn't even heard of it.
By Ayaan Hirsi Ali
AYAAN HIRSI ALI, a Somali immigrant who served in the parliament of the Netherlands until earlier this year, is the author of "Infidel," an autobiography to be published in February.

December 16, 2006

ONE DAY IN 1994, when I was living in Ede, a small town in Holland, I got a visit from my half-sister. She and I were both immigrants from Somalia and had both applied for asylum in Holland. I was granted it; she was denied. The fact that I got asylum gave me the opportunity to study. My half-sister couldn't.
In order for me to be admitted to the university I wanted to attend, I needed to pass three courses: a language course, a civics course and a history course. It was in the preparatory history course that I, for the first time, heard of the Holocaust. I was 24 years old at that time, and my half-sister was 21.
In those days, the daily news was filled with the Rwandan genocide and ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia. On the day that my half-sister visited me, my head was reeling from what happened to 6 million Jews in Germany, Holland, France and Eastern Europe.
I learned that innocent men, women and children were separated from each other. Stars pinned to their shoulders, transported by train to camps, they were gassed for no other reason than for being Jewish.
I saw pictures of masses of skeletons, even of kids. I heard horrifying accounts of some of the people who had survived the terror of Auschwitz and Sobibor. I told my half-sister all this and showed her the pictures in my history book. What she said was as awful as the information in my book.
With great conviction, my half-sister cried: "It's a lie! Jews have a way of blinding people. They were not killed, gassed or massacred. But I pray to Allah that one day all the Jews in the world will be destroyed."
She was not saying anything new. As a child growing up in Saudi Arabia, I remember my teachers, my mom and our neighbors telling us practically on a daily basis that Jews are evil, the sworn enemies of Muslims, and that their only goal was to destroy Islam. We were never informed about the Holocaust.
Later, as a teenager in Kenya, when Saudi and other Persian Gulf philanthropy reached us, I remember that the building of mosques and donations to hospitals and the poor went hand in hand with the cursing of Jews. Jews were said to be responsible for the deaths of babies and for epidemics such as AIDS, and they were believed to be the cause of wars. They were greedy and would do absolutely anything to kill us Muslims. If we ever wanted to know peace and stability, and if we didn't want to be wiped out, we would have to destroy the Jews. For those of us who were not in a position to take up arms against them, it was enough for us to cup our hands, raise our eyes heavenward and pray to Allah to destroy them.
Western leaders today who say they are shocked by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's conference this week denying the Holocaust need to wake up to that reality. For the majority of Muslims in the world, the Holocaust is not a major historical event that they deny. We simply do not know it ever happened because we were never informed of it.
The total number of Jews in the world today is estimated to be about 15 million, certainly no more than 20 million. On the other hand, the world's Muslim population is estimated to be between 1.2 billion and 1.5 billion. And not only is this population rapidly growing, it is also very young.
What's striking about Ahmadinejad's conference is the (silent) acquiescence of mainstream Muslims. I cannot help but wonder: Why is there no counter-conference in Riyadh, Cairo, Lahore, Khartoum or Jakarta condemning Ahmadinejad? Why are the 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference silent on this?
Could the answer be as simple as it is horrifying: For generations, the leaders of these so-called Muslim countries have been spoon-feeding their populations a constant diet of propaganda similar to the one that generations of Germans (and other Europeans) were fed -- that Jews are vermin and should be dealt with as such? In Europe, the logical conclusion was the Holocaust. If Ahmadinejad has his way, he shall not want for compliant Muslims ready to act on his wish.
The world needs to be informed again and again about the Holocaust -- not only in the interest of the Jews who survived and their offspring but in the interest of humanity.
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I wonder who there is to speak with?

Posted by: WVH on December 16, 2006 10:07 AM
10. to WVH, I think the counter-conference to the holocaust would be to deny the crusades ever happened. After all, there's no photos to prove it.
It would be a hoot just to have a conference like that to piss them off.

Posted by: PC on December 16, 2006 10:32 PM
11. Hey PC,
Sharp wit. You been hanging out with Rey and Joey?
On a more serious note. There is a difference between being an educator and being a propogandist. The MSM, N.Y. Times, I understand is about ready to call for a troop pull-out in Iraq soon, in an editorial. Right now, the Taliban is assasinating teachers, especially those willing to teach girls. If there is an editorial, it needs to be on that topic. It is no accident that Chairman Mao inprisoned the educated. Totalitarian regimes do not want education, they want propoganda. I have commented extensively, here and other places, on the importance of an educated population. Just because one does not have kids or does not have children in public schools does not mean that they should not be concerned about public schools and what is being taught. Ms. Ali has spent much of the past year in hiding because of a fatwah against her life. She is writing about the effect of the "big lie." Move the scene to Seattle, we all have a stake in the public schools.

Posted by: WVH on December 17, 2006 12:11 AM
12. The MSM will likely act as gutless lapdogs re: the Holocaust conference in Iran. By doing this, they are aiding and abeting totalitarian propaganda. How long ae we going to listen to their claptrap without reacting to their distortion of current events ?

Posted by: KS on December 17, 2006 05:33 PM
13. I agree with PC - we need to hold a Conference about if the Crusades ever happened. Would anyone really go to that length though - just because the world's bigots just concluded their conference on the Holocaust.

One way to stick it to Iran would be for the US to embargo all oil exports leaving Iran, until they turn over their nukes. This would bring the Iranian economy to its knees. If a bold move like this or we do something agressive soon, Iran will have nukes like North Korea, which can't be that far off. Time to stop the hand-wringing and act ! The leftists can scream imperialism and ignore the element of evil, but fortunately there are responsible people in this world who see the wisdom in taking a bold stand against a country that exports evil.

Posted by: KS on December 17, 2006 05:41 PM
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